Gadsby's Hymn C

Call back a wandering sheep 390
Call for songs of loudest praise. 199
Call gay deceptions solid joys, 814
Call him our own, in ties of blood, 911
Call me a child of thine. 192
Call on him with unceasing prayer 765
Call to mind Gethsemane. 802
Call upon him while we live. 397
Called, and called by grace divine, 575
Called and proved the sons of God. 649
Called by grace these many years, 1031
Called the cleansing blood to feel 575
Called to feel its vengeful power, 575
Called to feel my guilt depart, 575
Called to know it me can heal 575
Called to part with flesh and sin, 575
Called to see God’s righteous law 575
Called us by his grace, and taught us 416
Called while here, to sing and tell, 575
Calls him his only Son 38
Calls the south nations and awakes the north 497
Calm amidst tempestuous motion, 1102
Calm and serene my frame 958
Cam’st down in open view, 30
Came at length the dreadful night, 802
Came to bruise the serpent’s head. 776
Can a kind woman e’er forget 269
Can a part be sent to hell, 626
Can a sinner thus beguiled 1031
Can a woman’s tender care 968
Can afford the sons of mirth. 616
Can all our active powers inflame. 1080
Can alter his decree 530
Can any creature give me rest, 690
Can any door of hope be found 146
Can any tell by whom 1047
Can anything be mean, 648
Can assuage a thirst like mine! 973
Can aught be with it named 856
Can be just and save by grace. 600
Can blood such horrid crimes atone 860
Can boast of goodness in God’s sight 538
Can both instruct and cherish 814
Can bring thee sweet relief. 892
Can bring us near the throne. 946
Can bring you nearer to the Lamb, 807
Can cleanse the vilest sinner’s guilt, 196
Can come from thee alone, 886
Can control thy nature 780
Can crush a thousand worlds to dust 75
Can do nothing but devour. 789
Can e’er dissolve the sacred bands. 980
Can ease thy pain and heal thy woe. 977
Can ever God dwell here 310
Can folly still retain 378
Can from afflictions raise 261
Can fulfil thy laws demands 143
Can give themselves a birth 1113
Can heal a wounded spirit 814
Can his pity or his power 396
Can hold the sinner in that hour 592
Can I deem myself a child 283
Can I forget that look 1025
Can I survey this scene of woe, 1123
Can inform me where it lies 988
Can it be a question whether 1014
Can it be less than power divine, 1078
Can it be thus in those who live 1030
Can keep the trembling soul from God, 592
Can know how dear the victory cost, 785
Can know what endless love can do. 598
Can look the monster in the face 470
Can loosen the mountain of high-crying guilt. 907
Can make a heavenly place, 185
Can make him hate his choice 606
Can make him his purpose forego, 340
Can make his love from her depart. 633
Can make the foulest clean 1067
Can make this world of guilt remove 480
Can more weary be than I. 356
Can move such loads of sin 310
Can ne’er be known beneath the skies. 732
Can ne’er thy broken law redress 44
Can neither love nor fear. 676
Can neither praise nor pray 676
Can never be erased. 344
Can never be known till we sing them above. 417
Can never save a soul 31
Can now come near to God. 787
Can o’er my heart prevail 883
Can on this promise die. 345
Can one delight afford 185
Can purge away sin, or shorten arrears 907
Can purity dispense. 863
Can raise a soul to heaven. 190
Can raise my heart from earth and dust, 1078
Can raise our souls from guilty fears 215
Can relieve us from our smart 746
Can rescue even me. 391
Can rightly do the thing 240
Can save her from the curse. 638
Can save thee from despair. 1032
Can sentence believers to hell 632
Can set the soul at rest. 603
Can shield my head when dangers rise. 926
Can sinful souls, then, stand unclad, 805
Can sons of God destroy 547
Can souls, all o’er defiled with sin, 57
Can souls unto the utmost save, 215
Can sovereign goodness be unkind 957
Can such besetting evils dwell 1030
Can supply the soul with food 1045
Can the bliss I seek create. 988
Can the ruined rise by fears 719
Can this dark world of sin and woe 927
Can turn the Surety’s heart away 633
Can wash the Ethiopian white, 1067
Can wit or reason help him out, 585
Can with a precious Christ compare. 174
Can with Jesus then compare 177
Cancelled all his people’s sin. 760
Cancelled all thy sins and mine. 145
Cancelled all your sins with blood, 662
Cancelled by redeeming love. 90
Cancels every penal tie 237A
Cannot be called good. 851
Cannot be said to wait. 783
Cannot but be binding. 104
Cannot content, nor pleasure please. 304
Cannot love the Saviour’s choice. 615
Cannot perfect bliss create. 619
Cannot, such a soul forsake. 615
Canst keep me in the trying hour 1043
Canst thou, by faith, survey with joy, 469
Canst thou face a holy God 698
Canst thou let me sink at last 376
Canst thou not, poor soul, perceive 853
Canst thou thy face for ever hide, 401
Captived by the devil 780
Careless sinner, 496
Carnal else will be our cries 754
Carnal pleasures will resign 619
Carry on thy new creation 1053
Cast, he said, on me thy care 277
Cast it evermore aside 686
Cast not away your little hope 1028
Casting on him all my care 698
Catch all thy sweet Spirit, and burn with thy love. 150
Cause each soul to cleave unto thee, 610
Cause to be dejected 780
Causing bitter anguish, 306
Causing them to hear his call, 187
Cease from your own works, bad or good, 352
Cease, O believer, cease to mourn 917
Cease thy fears, then, weak believer 826
Cease towards the child she bare 968
Celebrate his dying love, 830
Celebrate the happy day, 776
Celestial breeze, no longer stay, 1018
Celestial Dove, descend from high, 862
Cemented together by love 635
Censure and scorn without; 774
Centre, source, and sum of bliss 342
Centring in the worthy Lamb 918
Chained to his throne a volume lies, 4
Change thy mourning into praise. 273
Changed from glory into glory, 1053
Changed into a little child 1058
Changes a slave into a child, 188
Chase away the shades of night 722
Chase your legal duns away 147
Chasing all our fears, and cheering 1057
Cheer and animate my heart. 277
Cheer our desponding hearts, 27
Cheer up, desponding soul, it said, 151
Cheer up, ye travelling souls 308A
Cheered by hope, and daily strengthened, 1135
Cheered with sacred solitude, 802
Cheerful he does his Father’s will, 252
Cheerful hope and godly fear. 463
Cheerful I live, and joyful die 331
Cheerful let us raise our voice 788
Cheerful we tread the desert through, 231
Cheerfully join in one, 415
Cherubs on the Conqueror gaze 490
Chief of ten thousand, now appear, 1125
Children of the heavenly King, 267
Chilled by the icy damps of death, 835
Chilled my hopes and stopped my song. 400
Choose some to life, while others die, 75
Choose the ways I once abhorred, 283
Choose thou the way, but still lead on. 307
Chose out his favourites to proclaim 505
Chosen and made peculiar ground 363
Chosen in Christ their blessed Head. 62
Chosen Jews must not use 800
Chosen of God, to sinners dear, 141
Chosen of old, of old approved, 65
Chosen of thee ere time began, 940
Chosen to faith and hope, 60
Chosen to know the Prince of Peace, 60
Chosen to prove salvation sure 60
Chosen to reign for evermore. 60
Christ admired, themselves abhorred, 854
Christ alone could us redeem. 205
Christ and free grace therein abounds 984
Christ, and him crucified, 617
Christ, and him crucified, has been our song 699
Christ and his bride appeared as one 10
Christ and his cross is all our theme 165
Christ and his love fill every thought, 435
Christ and his members one 437
Christ be my first elect, he said 73
Christ bears the names of all his saints, 128
Christ ever will defend 214
Christ exalted, 760
Christ exalted is our song, 145
Christ has blessings to impart, 956
Christ has burst the gates of hell 485
Christ has full atonement made. 534
Christ has given with his blood, 795
Christ has opened paradise. 485
Christ has perfect holiness 787
Christ has shown to worthless me. 584
Christ has wrought this mighty wonder 104
Christ is mine, and I am his 342
Christ is my All, and he will lead 175
Christ is my All, my sure Defence, 175
Christ is my All! where should I go 175
Christ is our all of Christ we sing, 660
Christ is our life, our joy, our hope, 72
Christ is ready to receive you 157
Christ is the eternal Rock, 130
Christ is the Friend of sinners 806
Christ is the Keeper of his saints, 772
Christ is the new man’s boast and joy 617
Christ is the only way 713
Christ is their Life, nor can they die, 598
Christ is their salvation, and strength he will give 1000
Christ Jesus, with his own heart’s blood, 163
Christ loved, and chose, and ransomed me, 647
Christ says, That I might sinners call 240
Christ, the Lord, is risen today, 485
Christ the Master, Lord of all, 645
Christ, the true, the only Light, 726
Christ to banish from their sight 619
Christ to Israel freely gives. 916
Christ was appointed to redeem 405
Christ was born in Bethlehem! 36
Christ, who conquered for us once, 779
Christ, whose glory fills the skies, 726
Christ will make you reap in joy. 1038
Christ without a rival reigns. 145
Christ your Advocate is made 267
Christ’s fair image on me seal, 970
Christ’s presence shall thy fears subdue 328
Christ’s righteousness will not suffice 774
Christ’s the Rock of our salvation 1116
Christian, dost thou want a teacher, 864
Christians are priests and kings, 102
Christians, dismiss your fear 487
Christians in Christ obtain 130
Christians, lift up your heads 666
Christians oft pray for faith 618
Christians, rejoice, and sing 539
Christians, repeat his love 663
Christians, view this solemn scene, 843
Christians yield obedience. 315
Christians, your hearts and voices raise, 489
Cite the will of his own sealing 484
Claiming our supreme attention, 514
Cleanse, and make me white as snow. 1111
Cleanse me from its guilt and power. 143
Cleanse my heart, my mind renew. 1077
Cleansed me well from top to toe. 542
Cleanses from all sin, doubt it not, 858
Cling and twine, dear Lord, to thee. 615
Clipped are the greedy vulture’s claws 845
Close, cragged rocks are seen, 308
Close to the ignominious tree, 1052
Clothe my soul and make it fit, 874
Clothe thee with righteousness divine 106
Clothe us with thy righteousness 704
Clothed in a body like our own. 481
Clothed in Jesus’ righteousness 80
Clothed in Majesty divine 496
Clouds hide the light divine 337
Cloven, perhaps, to be a sign, 715
Cold as I feel this heart of mine, 1108
Coldness, deadness, errors. 306
Coldness, unbelief, and pride, 795
Collect thy scattered flock once more, 285
Come, all harmonious tongues, 167
Come, all ye chosen saints of God, 153
Come, all ye pining, hungry poor, 1039
Come and accept the promised rest 1109
Come, and bring thy gospel grace. 1057
Come, and claim us as thy portion, 610
Come and hymn the holy Jesus, 719
Come, and I’ll make you free. 989
Come, and let us reason. 780
Come, and manifest the favour 1057
Come, and on his grace depend. 593
Come and reign over us, 35
Come and shed abroad thy love 609
Come and spread thy banner here. 248
Come and taste its streams below. 582
Come, and, thy bright beams revealing, 1057
Come, and thy people bless, 35
Come, and with thy presence bless. 610
Come, be baptized without delay, 426
Come before him as you are 719
Come boldly to a throne of grace, 675
Come boldly to the throne of grace, 675
Come boldly to the throne of grace, 675
Come boldly to the throne of grace 675
Come, cast away despair 806A
Come, come, my soul, with boldness come, 509
Come, dearest Lord, and melt my heart, 962
Come, dearest Lord, thy power impart, 1123
Come down by Jesus’ hands. 946
Come, drink, and never die. 986
Come, every gracious heart, 403
Come, fill our souls with love, 648
Come forth the dead from death’s dark dome, 492
Come from the blissful realms above 28
Come, glorious Conqueror, gracious Lord, 1087
Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove, 1134
Come, guilty souls, and flee away 55
Come hither, and behold the Lamb. 1028
Come hither, soul, I AM THE WAY. 144
Come hither, to the Saviour come, 1028
Come hither, ye by sin distressed, 1028
Come hither, ye that fain would know 712
Come hither, ye whose rising fears 1028
Come, holy Comforter, 35
Come, Holy Ghost, and blow 294
Come, Holy Spirit, and make known 225
Come, Holy Spirit, calm my mind, 1008
Come, Holy Spirit, come 27
Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove, 25
Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove, 25
Come just as thou art, with thy woe, 627
Come, let us join our cheerful songs 1005
Come, let us seek our God today! 362
Come, Lord, and grant each soul to feel 679
Come, Lord, and set our souls on fire, 660
Come, Lord Jesus, come away. 284
Come, Lord Jesus, quickly come, 843
Come, mourning souls, in Jesus trust 537
Come, my dear Jesus, from above, 264
Come, my redeemed, possess the joys prepared 497
Come, my soul, and let us try, 780
Come, my soul, thy suit prepare, 379
Come naked, and adorn your souls 56
Come needy, come guilty, come loathsome and bare 155
Come now, reveal thyself to me 1034
Come, O thou Saviour dear, 948
Come, poor sinners, come away 787
Come quickly from above 1024
Come, raise your thankful voice, 102
Come, saints, and sing in sweet accord, 411
Come, saints, with solemn pleasure trace 536
Come, Saviour, quickly come, 1029
Come see a scene of matchless woe, 712
Come, see if there ever were sorrow like his. 161
Come shed abroad a Saviour’s love, 25
Come, sing with all poor sinners here, 861
Come, sit at table with your Lord, 818
Come, then, and give our souls a treat, 643
Come, then, repenting sinner, come 23
Come, then, with all your wants and wounds, 987
Come, then, ye saints, in strains divine, 87A
Come, thirsty souls, and prove it true, 987
Come, thirsty souls, your wants disclose, 987
Come, thou Almighty Comforter, 679
Come, thou almighty King, 35
Come, thou best of all donations, 1073
Come, thou burdened sinner, come. 956
Come, thou dear exalted Saviour! 1057
Come, thou dear Saviour, come away! 1061
Come, thou Fount of every blessing, 199
Come, thou Incarnate Word, 35
Come, thou long-expected Jesus! 1054
Come, thou now exalted Saviour, 563
Come, thou Source of joy and gladness, 1073
Come through sore temptations 717
Come to judgment! 493
Come to judgment! come away! 493
Come to my help, pronounce the word, 1072
Come to witness and declare 649
Come unto me, the Saviour cries, 902
Come, visit every heart that longs 30
Come, wash your guilt away. 45
Come, weary souls, with sin distressed, 1109
Come, whosoever will, 587
Come, ye backsliding sons of God, 806A
Come, ye beloved of the Lord, 431
Come, ye Christians, sing the praises 719
Come, ye humble sinner-train, 788
Come, ye mourning souls, rejoice 518
Come, ye redeemed of the Lord, 39
Come, ye saints, with wonder view 658
Come, ye sinners, poor and wretched, 723
Come, ye souls, by sin afflicted, 1055
Come, ye souls, who now are sighing 976
Come, ye that know and fear the Lord, 750
Come, ye weary, heavy laden, 723
Comes from the throne of grace. 382
Comes to us through Jesus’ blood. 180
Comfort every sinking heart. 1053
Comfort flowed from all he said 776
Comfortless awhile thou art, 273
Comforts, crosses, staffs, or rods 864
Comforts eternal they shall prove, 263
Comforts fail, and sins abound. 1031
Comforts undeserved possessing, 1150
Commissioned from his Father’s throne, 122
Commits his works to God alone, 256
Commune with Jesus as our Friend 643
Communion with Jesus she gains, 334
Communion with their Lord. 437
Companion with the dead. 855
Companions if we find, 308
Compared with Christ, in all beside 940
Compared with Jesus’ grace 929
Compared with sin-atoning blood. 797
Compared with this stupendous grace, 105
Compared with thy love and the blood of thy cross. 68
Compared with what my sins deserve, 1086
Compassion on us have, we pray, 1129
Compassions in his heart are found, 21
Compel them to yield in the day of thy power. 197
Compelled I am on Christ alone to hang, 668
Complete and all pure in Jesus you are 568
Complete atonement thou hast made, 227
Complete’s their salvation, and all is of grace. 568
Composed and softened by the day, 1001
Concealed within the passive clay 721
Condemn me for that debt of sin 227
Condemned or shunned by all. 223
Condescend, in love to smile, 1111
Condescend to hear my cry. 1119
Conduct, blest Guide, thy sinner-train 29
Conduct me in thy fear 341
Conduct us safe, conduct us far 1134
Confess our sin, and thy free grace implore. 699
Confined in bodies, groan, 842
Confirm our faith, our fears remove 1109
Confirm our souls in thee, 499
Confirmed by one soft, secret word, 812
Confirms each promise true 86
Confirms his good pleasure to help me quite through. 232
Conquests over hell and sin! 735
Conscience accuses from within, 773
Conscience condemns, corruptions rise, 774
Consists in standing still. 783
Conspire to lift thy glories high, 1005
Conspire to make our weighty cross, 274
Conspire to praise redeeming love, 406
Conspire to raise the sound. 213
Constant still in faith abiding, 158
Constitute our bliss above. 988
Constitute our bliss below 988
Constrain my soul thy sway to own 991
Constrain the soul, by love, to love, 1132
Contained in Scripture, said, I thirst. 815
Contained in the law of the wise, 529
Contempt or slight I can’t approve 810
Content all honour to forego, 1013
Content to see thy gate, 884
Contented well in every state, 1113
Contented with the husky part, 901
Continual mention we will make 798
Contracted to a span. 709
Contrite hearts cannot dissemble 1038
Contrition is granted, and God justified, 239
Control the waves say, Peace! be still! 290
Convince us of our sin, 27
Convinced and pierced through and through, 744
Convinced as a sinner, to Jesus I come, 1104
Convulsions shake the solid world, 1141
Cordials to revive me quickly, 43
Correct thy worm, but not in wrath 1043
Corruption rises like a storm, 314
Corruption shall be slain 468
Corruptions, base and foul as hell, 604
Corruptions dark and foul, 773
Corruptions foul and thick 308
Corruptions like vapours shall rise 298
Corruptions make the mourners shun 782
Corruptions rise up thick 311
Corrupts the race, and taints us all. 1004
Cost thee wounds, and blood, and smart. 349
Costly, free, and knows no end 133
Could black corruptions rise and swell 1030
Could give so sweet a smell. 557
Could give the guilty conscience peace, 125
Could I joy his saints to meet, 283
Could it tell half the wonders that Jesus has done. 414
Could my heart so hard remain, 283
Could my tears for ever flow, 143
Could my zeal no respite know, 143
Could no corruption see. 487
Could no such grace afford. 366
Could or would have shed his blood 133
Could show one sin forgiven, 1148
Could the creatures help or ease us, 396
Could to my heart seem half so good 985
Could we but climb where Moses stood, 1022
Could we his person learn to prize, 803
Could we our woes with truth divide, 291
Could we see how all is right, 315
Could we the law fulfil 809
Could with delight and love explore 910
Counting all things else but dross! 616
Countless millions 69
Counts all things else but earth and dross, 228
Courage, soul, there yet is room! 956
Courteous, pitiful, and kind 248
Cover my defenceless head 303
Covered is my unrighteousness 96
Covered thick with blossoms stood 1144
Covering our incarnate God. 656
Crafty is the foe, and strong 706
Crawling out and in the earth. 301
Create anew my waiting heart, 901
Creates us heirs of grace 190
Creating most exalted bliss, 890
Creating power and will 904
Creature and Creator. 104
Creatures all conspire to wound us, 1096
Creatures are but vain at best 619
Creatures no more divide my choice 1100
Creatures of every sort and kind 646
Creatures of fear, we drag along, 291
Cried, Inflict it all on me. 179
Cried out, It is finished! 780
Cries, Father, let the rebels live! 47
Cries, I suffered all for thee. 689
Cries triumphant, It is done 1118
Crooked things makes even. 574
Cross, or quite contrarious. 315
Crossed all the fair designs I schemed, 295
Crown him, crown him! 972
Crown him, crown him! 972
Crown him, crown him! 972
Crown the mighty Conqueror, crown him, 982
Crown the Saviour King of kings! 972
Crown the Saviour saints, adore him 972
Crowns become the victor’s brow! 972
Crush, dear Babe, his power within us, 776
Crush not my soul beneath thy hand, 510
Cry and groan beneath afflictions, 237
Crying, Grace, grace to it. 215
Crying out, Unclean, unclean! 802
Cursed be the man, for ever cursed, 47
Cut off for sins, but not his own 97
Cut thy way through hosts of devils, 270
Cuts deep beyond expression. 806