Gadsby’s Hymn K

Keep Christ in view let God be true 355
Keep Christ, your living Head, in view, 608
Keep close to me, thou helpless sheep, 708
Keep distance, ye profane 219
Keep from courage, vain or vaunted, 463
Keep it safely, softly sleeping, 463
Keep me, Lord, from self-deceit. 280
Keep me, O holy Lover, 483
Keep no longer at a distance, 1144
Keep silence all created things, 4
Keep us from a proud appearance, 258
Keep us in a world of sorrow 753
Keep us near thy wounded side 650
Keep us near thy wounded side 706
Keep us safe from every foe. 1137
Keep us, then, O keep us ever! 1040
Keep us till the storm shall cease 965
Keep us very, very low. 706
Keep us with thy arm almighty, 208
Keep waiting evermore 749
Keep your slaughtered Lord in view. 662
Keeps thee from the Saviour. 799
Kept as Jehovah’s eye, 412
Kind and loving to the end. 746
Kind Author and ground of my hope, 346
Kindle a flame of sacred love 25
King Jesus does appear, 494
King of glory! 610
King of kings, and Lord of lords! 972
King of kings, and Lord of lords! 1062
King of kings, enthroned above, 609
King of saints, incarnate God. 857
Kingdoms and men would vanish soon 480
Knock I may at Jesus’ door, 895
Knock on at mercy’s door 749
Know thee to be my promised rest. 1070
Know they greatly need him 574
Know, whom the Saviour favours much, 871
Knowing that the Lord is nigh 1102
Knowing we are not exempted 258
Knowledge of all terrestrial things 771
Knowledge of what is right, 792
Known through the earth by thousand signs, 207
Known to thee by tasting. 484
Knows every saint’s peculiar case 263
Knows in whom our trust is. 800
Knows not a limit nor an end. 419