Gadsby’s Hymn L

Labour hard you may, and long, 594
Laid aside his just displeasure, 1040
Lamb of God for sinners wounded! 1116
Lamb of God, in thee we trust, 796
Lamb of God, thy power make known 609
Lamb of God, we fall before thee, 180
Lamenting it truly, and loathing it too, 687
Land me safe on Canaan’s side 462
Large petitions with thee bring 379
Larger communion let me prove 991
Law and conscience Jesus quells 574
Law and terrors do but harden, 746
Law charges, too, which he must pay, 148
Laws that bespeak his kindness still, 541
Lay down our heads, and sleep in thee 843
Lay heavy on his soul. 167
Lay in the womb, before his birth, 709
Lay me humbly at thy feet. 686
Lay me low and keep me there. 282
Lay to my arm, but all in vain 883
Lay us low before thy feet, 706
Lays his bright robes of glory by, 51
Lays the foundation of my hope, 83
Lead me all my journey through 462
Lead me forth by thy right hand 641
Lead me the celestial way. 963
Lead me the way thy saints have known 1016
Lead me to my journey’s end. 379
Lead me to the Lamb of God 767
Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I. 1104
Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I. 1104
Lead them into pastures green, 768
Lead us forth by thy sweet Spirit, 563
Lead us out of self to thee 563
Lead us through this desert land 349
Lead us to Christ, our only rest, 1134
Lead us to thy Throne of Grace 640
Leading us in holy fear. 208
Leads to endless joys above 543
Lean upon his loving breast 698
Lean upon thy truth and grace. 626
Leaning on all-sufficient grace. 326
Leaning on thy loving breast, 686
Learning, pleasure, wealth, and fame, 988
Leave, ah! leave me not alone 303
Leave all your boasting self behind, 902
Leave earth and all its toys, 102
Leave his church a prey to hell. 582
Leave me not to walk alone 641
Leave more righteous souls to boast 802
Leave not my trembling heart to fail. 967
Leave the false ways ye long have trod, 858
Leave them, and to refuge fly 802
Leave us not, forsake us never, 1040
Leave us not to empty notion, 610
Leave worldly cares behind, 102
Leaves may languish, fruit decrease, 779
Led by him we brave the ocean 1102
Led by that report alone 1102
Led forth by God’s free grace, 353
Led forth by the Spirit to fight. 233
Left at an uncertainty, 619
Left his own house to walk with God 231
Left the bright realms of bliss! 418
Legal obedience were complete, 809
Leprous quite throughout with sin 802
Leprous soul, press through the crowd 306
Leprous souls, unsound and filthy, 719
Less than thyself will not suffice 940
Less we can’t, we can’t give more. 857
Lest, for want of thine assistance, 1144
Lest I farther yet should roam 722
Lest I should loiter in my race, 402
Lest I should suffer loss 294
Lest it should once from thee depart 92
Lest it sink thee lower 780
Lest some hid snake or wily snare 335
Lest thy people careless grow 1137
Lest we drive them to despair. 258
Lest we settle on our lees 758
Lest what he gives us we should lose 790
Lest you should go weeping, while Canaanites boast. 644
Let a poor labourer here below, 386
Let a repenting rebel live 761
Let all be liars and him be true, 311
Let all fruitless searches go, 315
Let all obedient souls 130
Let all our powers agree 176
Let all our powers be joined 437
Let all that dwell above the sky, 1005
Let all the heathen writers join 1148
Let all the ransomed of the Lord 149
Let all the saints adore his name, 592
Let all the saints below the skies 421
Let all thy powers agree. 109
Let all thy powers aloud proclaim. 65
Let all within me join, 420
Let angels prostrate fall, 730
Let avarice, from shore to shore 42
Let but thy own almighty arm 341
Let cares like a wild deluge come, 474
Let carnal Jews blaspheme, 1012
Let Christ be all your song 519
Let Christ be thy boast, for thou art his choice 639
Let Christians all attend 540
Let Christians join to laud 502
Let each child enjoy a portion, 694
Let each into his soul descend, 786
Let each one esteemed thy servant 1144
Let earth and heaven combine, 37
Let earth and skies reply, 415
Let earth’s alluring joys combine, 927
Let elders worship at his feet 19
Let evening blush to own a star 427
Let everlasting glories crown 935
Let every anxious thought be still, 260
Let every breast with gladness glow, 487
Let every Christian lift his voice, 850
Let every drooping saint 749
Let every heart and voice accord, 750
Let every heart record. 445
Let every kindred, every tribe, 730
Let every open ear attend, 56
Let every plant the power partake, 455
Let every saint above, 409
Let every soul repeat with faith, 861
Let every thankful tongue repeat, 861
Let every tongue the Father own, 821
Let every vanity be gone 1085
Let faith be active in the Lamb once slain, 693
Let faith survey your future store. 257
Let faith the battle win. 1032
Let faith triumphant cry 345
Let fear and love, most holy God, 252
Let fears no more confound! 486
Let gladness crown the day 413
Let God be the Object in praises addressed, 322
Let God’s anointed shine 366
Let grace abound in every part, 736
Let grace divine my soul defend, 620
Let grace triumphant reign. 406
Let graces, then in exercise, 434
Let heaven and earth, from pole to pole, 486
Let him come when he thinks best 698
Let him who thirsts for heavenly joys, 902
Let his great name be praised, 292
Let his people raise their song. 1062
Let hope and joy succeed 487
Let hope survive, though damped by doubt 835
Let incense smoking from my breast, 901
Let Israel bless the Lord, 318
Let it by thee made tender be, 378
Let it never, Lord, be said, 1068
Let its power be felt by me, 1117
Let Jesus answer them. 101
Let Jew and Gentile stop their mouths, 111
Let joy succeed the weeping night 942
Let man forbear to boast), 817
Let me again thy smiles partake. 384
Let me among thy saints be found 938
Let me, as I journey, see 347
Let me attest thy power 471
Let me be by grace restored 390
Let me be sick with love, and die. 304
Let me build and rest alone. 742
Let me but feel thee near 1029
Let me but hear my Saviour say, 326
Let me but view thy lovely face, 480
Let me come unto my Lord, 301
Let me die thy people’s death. 379
Let me ever with thee dwell. 583
Let me feel like what I see 400
Let me find thyself my home 389
Let me for shelter fly 1093
Let me hide myself in thee. 143
Let me hide myself in thee 143
Let me know thy gentle voice, 1071
Let me know thy great salvation 1068
Let me live a life of faith 379
Let me love thee more and more, 283
Let me mark the solemn word 895
Let me never 641
Let me not murmur nor repine, 275
Let me reflect, with humble awe, 1086
Let me see thy loving heart. 970
Let me, therefore, drink and live! 973
Let me, thou sovereign Lord of all, 275
Let me thy goodness prove, 471
Let me thy servant be 989
Let me thy sorrows bear 1032
Let me to thy bosom fly, 303
Let men or angels dig the mines 57
Let men think what they will, 783
Let mercy set us free 1114
Let midnight be ashamed of noon 427
Let mountains from their seats be hurled 1141
Let my Beloved come and taste 363
Let my cry ascend thy ears. 284
Let my helpless soul be found, 735
Let my petitions reach thy ears, 510
Let my religious hours alone 264
Let my soul for ever dwell. 766
Let my wrath on him be poured. 560
Let no corrupt design, 1003
Let no false comfort lift us up 28
Let no idol e’er divide us 965
Let no vain words your souls deceive, 807
Let none be slow to weep for him 734
Let none his weakness scorn 39
Let not all our hopes be vain! 1144
Let not conscience make you linger, 723
Let not his hopes or wishes faint 176
Let not my eyes with tears be fed, 926
Let not my heart grow stiff with pride, 335
Let not my heart with sorrow break, 384
Let not Satan steal what’s sown 865
Let not the strong the weak despise 709
Let not the world our rest appear, 1048
Let not, then, my foes confound me, 1119
Let not thy chastening make me faint, 873
Let not thy heart despond, and say, 328
Let others stretch their arms like seas, 186
Let our good works abound 851
Let our hearts and voices raise 1138
Let our mutual love be fervent, 1144
Let our needs be what they may, 640
Let patience comfort’s place supply. 835
Let poor backsliders be restored, 451
Let poor insolvents know 59
Let praises be your sweet employ 531
Let precious drops of heavenly dew, 1134
Let ransomed mortals say 922
Let rich rewards be sought 803A
Let saints employ their tongues 38
Let saints from hence their comfort draw, 561
Let saints his sceptre own 541
Let saints lift up their hearts, 606
Let saints prepare to crown his brow 407
Let sin have no dominion, Lord, 1003
Let sinners gaze and hate me too 53
Let sinners such as we, 176
Let some Elisha rise 374
Let sovereign grace its crimes efface, 378
Let tempests mingle earth and skies 331
Let terrors fright the unwilling slave, 252
Let that grace, Lord, like a fetter, 199
Let the blessings freely flow 610
Let the danger make thee bolder 270
Let the fiery, cloudy pillar 462
Let the healing streams abound 303
Let the hope of free salvation, 270
Let the Lord a smile bestow 177
Let the next age thy praise prolong 498
Let the poor thy pity move 874
Let the Redeemer dwell within, 1070
Let the song to Jesus flow. 920
Let the sweet hope that thou art mine, 1010
Let the unction of redemption 697
Let the water and the blood, 143
Let the whole race of creatures bow, 1
Let the whole race of creatures bow, 1
Let the word be food to nourish 1136
Let the world despise and leave us 971
Let the world their virtue boast, 98
Let them but singly look to Christ 816
Let them closer drive thee. 780
Let this be seen by faith, 152
Let this hope our spirits cheer. 1062
Let this petition rise 1010
Let this the gate of heaven be. 1125
Let this thought the Christian strengthen 615
Let thy almighty aid 35
Let thy arm be now revealed 1068
Let thy arms of love surround me, 1119
Let thy blood, for sinners spilt, 379
Let thy bright beams arise 27
Let thy courage wax the warmer, 270
Let thy glory in us shine. 697
Let thy good Spirit rule my heart, 736
Let thy griefs be turned to gladness 333
Let thy hand be my protection 1119
Let thy inward kingdom come 767
Let thy light within me shine 767
Let thy love my spirit cheer 379
Let thy mercy and thy care 501
Let thy mercy hold me up. 1119
Let thy people’s graces flourish 1136
Let thy power in me be shown 1077
Let thy power on me be shown 1077
Let thy praise my tongue employ. 116
Let thy promise and thy love 277
Let thy Spirit now dwell in us, 610
Let us all in thee inherit 1053
Let us all, with grateful praises, 776
Let us ask the important question, 237
Let us attend the Lamb of God. 797
Let us each for other care 248
Let us each, thy love possessing, 461
Let us feel thy power within, 695
Let us find our rest in thee. 1054
Let us find thy love surrounding 208
Let us find thy promised rest. 1053
Let us go to Golgotha, 787
Let us hear thee sigh and groan, 704
Let us in his wounded side 787
Let us in thy name agree 248
Let us, leaning on thy merit, 746
Let us look to Jesus. 306
Let us, Lord, thy glory see 208
Let us love, and sing, and wonder 416
Let us love the Lord who bought us 416
Let us never, Lord, forget thee 205
Let us not the cost forget. 746
Let us now our praises give 397
Let us now ourselves commend 501
Let us now the anthem sing 36
Let us our loved Redeemer meet, 29
Let us praise, and join the chorus 416
Let us praise the Saviour’s name 416
Let us see our whole salvation 1053
Let us see thy sufferings plain 704
Let us sing though fierce temptation 416
Let us sing, with saints in heaven, 788
Let us take notice first of that 790
Let us then with joy remove 248
Let us thus rejoice in thee. 349
Let us trust thee evermore 704
Let us trust thee for the morrow, 753
Let us trust thee, Lord, for all 704
Let us value nought but him 179
Let us with humble hearts repair 39
Let us wonder! grace and justice 416
Let whatever ills betide 558
Let whoever will despise 656
Let worldlings know we scorn the toys 531
Let worldly minds the world pursue, 1100
Let worms of earth their tribute bring, 834
Let your eyes the Saviour view 758
Let Zion, in her songs, record 217
Let Zion in him trust 541
Let Zion songs of triumph sing 413
Let Zion, then, with one accord, 648
Let Zion with sweet pleasure sing 540
Lie and blush at Jesus’ feet. 301
Lie still you do, and never move 783
Lies silent in the grave, 160
Lies still, and yet proceeds 708
Lies such a wretch as I 378
Life, and health, and joy bestowing, 932
Life, and health, and peace possessing 158
Life and joy thy beams impart, 1057
Life, and light, and truth impart, 515
Life and peace to me impart 767
Life attended every look. 876
Life, death, and hell, and worlds unknown, 4
Life deriving from his death. 158
Life eternal they shall have. 80
Life everlasting in his Son 837
Life, health, and bliss abundant flow! 977
Life, health, and comfort to thy will, 259
Life impart and joy afford! 1133
Life is very, very low 853
Life, light, and holiness divine, 538
Life, love, and joy, still gliding through, 1141
Life, peace, and heaven are mine to give. 941
Life restored, and sin forgiven 788
Life to sinners, 1133
Life to what seemed dead before. 400
Life with trials hard may press us, 971
Lift up the heart, lift up the voice 127
Lift up the heart, lift up the voice 127
Lift up the heart, lift up the voice 127
Lift up the heart, lift up the voice 127
Lift up your heads, ye saints, with cheerful voices. 497
Lift up your heads, ye sin-sick souls, 486
Lift up your ravished eyes, 102
Light, and perfection shine 128
Light are the pains that nature brings 479
Light by night and shade by day, 372
Light hearts, or smooth behaviour 806
Light, life, and love, thou dost bestow 1099
Light, love, and delight shall be gone 298
Light of those whose dreary dwelling 1057
Light to newly-opened eyes, 1055
Like a refiner shall he sit, 142
Like a refreshing shower. 508
Like a rich olive, bruised and pressed 156
Like a savage, fierce and wild 874
Like a torrent, drown thy eyes 916
Like Abra’m and Sarah, have I 628
Like brazen bulwarks built around. 364
Like doves to my wounds they shall flee 183
Like floods of milk and wine. 56
Like free-born sons, we would be free 661
Like Gad, by a troop overcome, 298
Like her, with hopes and fears we come, 731
Like him I mourn, like him I cry, 507
Like Him one day I shall appear. 171
Like him, we daily feel the same, 1089
Like Judas, the Saviour they kiss, 1149
Like lambs they shall still in my bosom be borne. 329
Like Lazarus in the dreary tomb, 1092
Like lightning from the skies. 424
Like lightning from the skies 603
Like mountains, seemed to reach the skies, 286
Like offerings without salt. 241
Like one that seeks his God in vain 401
Like one whose comfort’s gone. 251
Like pointed mountains rise 212
Like rising waves with angry roar, 364
Like showers of heavenly rain, 165
Like slaves before thy throne 79
Like some abandoned wretch he moans, 749
Like some raw bullock not well broke, 883
Like some reviving cordial, cheers, 107
Like streams from the fountain they flow, 628
Like the heavenly host above, 333
Like the sand the ocean laves 913
Like the sun at noon-day shine. 609
Like them too, I’ve proved in the end, 628
Like trees of myrrh and spice we stand, 363
Linked in clandestine league with hell, 89
Lions and beasts of savage name 53
Listen to his gracious voice 428
Listen to his saving voice 662
Listen to the charming lays. 913
Live a life of faith and prayer 698
Live and reign with him above. 583
Live and reign with thee at last. 645
Live in a calm and cheerful mood, 1113
Live in spite of earth and hell. 600
Live in thee for evermore. 563
Live near his heart, upon his bosom lean 667
Lively type of deadly guilt! 876
Lives again our glorious King 485
Living and dying to be thine. 1052
Living faith from God must flow. 99
Living faith will still esteem 616
Living tongues are dumb at best 177
Lo! at its sound the dead revive, 53
Lo, at thy gracious bidding, Lord, 818
Lo! glad I come; and thou, blest Lamb, 144
Lo! he comes, arrayed in vengeance, 495
Lo! he comes in glory shining 495
Lo! he comes, with clouds descending, 493
Lo! he sets in blood no more! 485
Lo, here are souls by Satan bound, 930
Lo! here is a feast of delicate food, 150
Lo! here’s a foundation for comfort and peace 129
Lo! in his hands the sovereign keys 19
Lo! in thee I put my trust. 1068
Lo, sweet Babe, we fall before thee 776
Lo, the desert smiles with pleasure, 932
Lo! the Redeemer leaves the tomb 836
Lo! the sun’s eclipse is o’er 485
Lo! thy Captain calls thee out 270
Lo! thy church waits with longing eyes, 366
Lo! your Captain leads the way. 428
Loaded with sins and agonies, 21
Loads of sin on thee were laid 931
Loathed incurables we stand, 802
Locked up within thy breast. 101
Long as eternal ages roll, 215
Long as he lives, his own he’ll love. 633
Long as our fiery trials last, 1088
Long as the covenant shall endure, 757
Long as the cross we bear 1088
Long as they live should Christians pray 882
Long before our birth, 77
Long before the world began 80
Long before this world was made, 584
Long ere the lofty skies were spread, 2
Long ere the sun’s refulgent ray 10
Long ere time its race begun 766
Long had Satan reigned imperious, 776
Long has thy presence blessed our land 1145
Long in the paths of sin I trod, 189
Long may they echo with thy praise. 368
Long may they stand to show thy fame, 367
Long time I after idols ran 153A
Long to read their own election, 1038
Long we either slight or doubt him, 396
Longed to bear their loads – and mine 802
Longer than sun and moon endure. 224
Longing for that happy day, 284
Look, and pierce my heart no more. 170
Look, and, with a cheerful voice, 518
Look as when thy pitying eye 390
Look beyond the cloud between, 843
Look down, and aid our joy. 367
Look from the borders of the pit 110
Look from the windows of thy grace, 299
Look here, the Lord replies 614
Look how deep your sins have stung him 876
Look how we grovel here below, 25
Look, my soul, though stung to death. 876
Look on all our deep distress 704
Look on him, my soul, and gaze on his smart 150
Look on the now united pair, 1153
Look on these wounded hands, and read 951
Look to Jesus, 333
Look to Jesus 1055
Look to Jesus, kind as strong 780
Look to the flame that Moses saw, 47
Look to the Lord with steadfast eye, 305
Look up, O fainting soul, and live. 977
Look up to the skies, and cheerfully sing 322
Look upon the unequal war 706
Look, ye saints! the sight is glorious! 972
Look, ye sinners, ye that hung him 876
Looking through it, Lord, to thee, 649
Looks like a lamb that has been slain, 121
Looks set us adoring thy person most sweet, 710
Loose him, and let him go. 1092
Loose him, and let him go. 1092
Loose him, and let him go. 1092
Loose him, and let him go. 1092
Loose him, and let him go. 151
Lord, afford a spring to me 400
Lord, as thou show’st thy glory there, 850
Lord, at thy feet I fain would lie 260
Lord, break these bars that thus confine, 151
Lord, bring them home, nor let them roam 378
Lord, bring thy purging sacrifice 744
Lord, can thy Spirit then be here, 1078
Lord, captivate my soul 1032
Lord, cheer me with it still 890
Lord, cleanse my sins, my soul renew, 1147
Lord, clothe thy word with sovereign power 451
Lord, come in thy appointed ways, 216
Lord, decide the doubtful case 283
Lord, deny me what thou wilt, 737
Lord, direct thy own-sent servant 694
Lord, direct us we are fools. 706
Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing 461
Lord, dissolve my frozen heart 1117
Lord, do not tarry long. 1108
Lord, draw me by thy secret touch, 684
Lord, draw my heart from earth away, 1075
Lord, enter in my breast, 673
Lord, fill thy servant’s soul today 508
Lord, fill us well with this rich food, 642
Lord, for thy manifested grace 191
Lord, gather in more make this the glad hour 197
Lord, give me life divine 402
Lord, give me single sight, 253
Lord, give more faith, more solid faith, 679
Lord, give our burdened spirits rest, 677
Lord, give us all that’s good 822
Lord, give us faith, and let that faith 774
Lord God Almighty, great I AM! 854
Lord, grant me free access 739
Lord, guide my silly, wandering feet, 711
Lord, hast thou made me know thy ways 341
Lord, hear a restless wretch’s groans 838
Lord, hear me when I cry. 378
Lord, hear our call! 35
Lord, hear thy people everywhere, 1142
Lord, help a worthless worm, so weak 105
Lord, help, and mercy send 378
Lord, help us by thy mighty power 855
Lord, help us from above 820
Lord, help us on thy grace to stand, 224
Lord, help us on thy word to feed 459
Lord, help us to believe, 556
Lord, hold me with thy hand 507
Lord, how many are my foes! 347
Lord, how our souls are all on fire 476
Lord, how rich and free thy grace 1031
Lord, how secure my conscience was, 46
Lord, how we love thy charming name! 265
Lord, I address thy heavenly throne 192
Lord, I am blind – be thou my sight 1074
Lord, I am sick – my sickness cure 1074
Lord, I am thine, but thou wilt prove 473
Lord, I am vile, conceived in sin, 1004
Lord, I am weak – be thou my might 1074
Lord, I approach thy throne of grace, 1009
Lord, I believe a rest remains 1061
Lord, I believe, thy grace is free, 447
Lord, I believe, with tears he cried, 731
Lord, I cannot let thee go, 376
Lord, I come to thee for rest 379
Lord, I freely would confess, 611
Lord, I know thou canst not lie 737
Lord, I own the sentence just, 895
Lord, I would indeed submit 277
Lord, I would seize the golden hour 692
Lord, if thou thy grace impart, 1058
Lord, if thou thy presence give, 988
Lord, if with thee part I bear 874
Lord, in thy house I read there’s room, 447
Lord increase, increase our faith 704
Lord, it is my chief complaint, 968
Lord, it is not life to live, 988
Lord Jesus, heal this malady, 510
Lord Jesus, quickly come! 310
Lord Jesus, shine, and then I can 711
Lord Jesus, Son of God most high, 1128
Lord Jesus, teach my soul to pray 711
Lord, keep thy chastening hand away. 304
Lord, let a tempest-tossed soul 386
Lord, let me feel the unction of thy love, 693
Lord, let me hear thy pardoning voice, 1004
Lord, let me ne’er offend thee more. 838
Lord, let not guilt thus plague my soul 510
Lord, let thy presence be my stay, 289
Lord, let thy quickening Spirit convey 734
Lord, let thy Spirit prompt us when 783
Lord, let thy wondrous cross employ 169
Lord, look, and heal my broken bones 510
Lord, look on all assembled here, 808
Lord, look upon the unequal strife 835
Lord, make our union closer yet, 234
Lord, make them now begin. 808
Lord, make us daily live by faith, 700
Lord, may I bear my every loss 771
Lord, may this bliss in me be found 755
Lord, my heart, a desert vast, 874
Lord, my longed happiness is full, 785
Lord of heaven, and earth, and ocean, 1150
Lord of life, and light, and glory, 1150
Lord of life, and light, and glory, 1150
Lord of life, and light, and glory, 1150
Lord, on it shine, with light divine, 378
Lord, our hearts are most deceitful, 1040
Lord, pardon a backslider base, 860
Lord, pardon our complaints 337
Lord, pardon what I ask amiss, 156
Lord, pity outcasts, vile and base, 223
Lord, plant a godly fear 335
Lord, protect us we are fools. 706
Lord, raise each soul above the sign, 661
Lord, raise my soul above the ground, 2
Lord, remove this load of sin 379
Lord, resort with worthless me 802
Lord, sanctify the pain 300
Lord, save me for thy mercies’ sake. 384
Lord, save me, or I sink, I prayed 1017
Lord, save thy worm, for thou alone 1043
Lord, search my heart O search me through! 974
Lord, send thy servants sweet relief. 285
Lord, send thy Spirit down 825
Lord, set thy cross before our eyes, 1120
Lord, should thy judgments grow severe, 761
Lord, submissive make us go, 267
Lord, succour and comfort my heart, 293
Lord, take my foolish heart at last, 898
Lord, teach me thy cause to maintain 380
Lord, teach us how to pray. 1002
Lord, tell me what ’tis close to keep, 708
Lord, that mercy came to me. 376
Lord, there are no streams but thine 973
Lord, thou alone canst save 46
Lord, thou art my hope o’erwhelmed with grief, 229
Lord, thou canst tell the work is thine 1047
Lord, thy help is greatly needed 1144
Lord, thy light, thy love display 280
Lord, thy pardoning love reveal 284
Lord, thy powerful work begun, 389
Lord, thy wandering sheep behold 768
Lord, ’tis enough that thou art mine. 473
Lord, to thee I trembling run, 964
Lord, wash my sores, and heal them too, 671
Lord, we adore thee, and would fain express 699
Lord, we adore thy boundless grace, 1039
Lord, we are come to seek supplies, 56
Lord, we fain would trust thee solely 237A
Lord, we fain would walk in love, 609
Lord, we lie before thy feet 704
Lord, we long to be at home, 843
Lord, we plead with thee for pardon 753
Lord, we praise for mercies past 1150
Lord, we then remember thee. 830
Lord, what a filthy wretch am I! 238
Lord, what a heaven of saving grace 265
Lord, what a riddle is my soul! 304
Lord, what a wretched, wretched heart, 1030
Lord, when I hear thy children talk, 740
Lord, when iniquities abound, 1146
Lord, when this vine in Canaan grew, 1140
Lord, when thy Spirit descends to show 310
Lord, while I wander here below 997
Lord, while thy judgments shake the land, 1142
Lord, while we thus show forth thy death, 824
Lord, whither shall I go 1050
Lord, who can hear of all thy woe, 734
Lord, why is this I trembling cried 295
Lord, why was I a guest 440
Lord, wilt thou not deign to hear 964
Lord, with shame and grief I own, 611
Lose all their guilty stains. 160
Lose myself in Jesus quite. 170
Lose sight of Jesus and his cross, 564
Lost and ruined by the fall 723
Lost and ruined, void of good, 157
Lost and undone, I come to thee. 44
Lost for ever! 495
Lost in despair, beset with foes, 1080
Lost in wonder, love, and praise. 1053
Lost souls to recover, and form them afresh, 40
Loud hallelujahs shall address 94
Loud may the troubled ocean roar, 1141
Loud roaring, the billows now nigh overwhelm 993
Loud thanksgivings to our God. 1138
Loud to the praise of Christ our Lord, 330
Louder than a thousand thunders, 496
Loudest praises, without ceasing, 931
Love all defects supplies, 792
Love and adore! 35
Love and grief my heart dividing, 158
Love and justice shine for ever 514
Love and praise thee and adore. 722
Love brings to compliance the will, 250
Love calls them all from death to life 633
Love cannot from its post withdraw 633
Love constrained the Lamb to die, 584
Love divine, all love excelling, 1053
Love divine o’erflows the soul 187
Love does every sin control. 187
Love eternal 582
Love everlasting has not spared 1151
Love gives everlasting bliss 798
Love has redeemed his sheep with blood 633
Love Him above all earthly joy, 171
Love I much I’ve much forgiven 158
Love immense, beyond degree 649
Love, immensely great and free, 584
Love inscribed upon them all, 282
Love is the golden chain that binds 1082
Love like Jesus’ none can measure, 582
Love me freely, seal my peace, 391
Love me freely, seal my peace, 391
Love me freely, seal my peace, 391
Love moved him to die, and on this we rely, 161
Love much, and themselves abase 874
Love, peace, and mercy flow, 87
Love redeemed us, 535
Love shall wipe thy weeping eye 1038
Love so great, so rich, so free 766
Love, tenderly expressed. 219
Love to Jesus Christ and his, 798
Love to such vile worms as I, 594
Love to them, and love to me, 802
Love’s redeeming work is done 485
Love’s the earnest of his blood, 798
Loved, and served the Lord below, 496
Loved for ever, 656
Loved from eternity, 598
Loved me from eternity. 562
Loved of God, to Jesus given, 626
Loved of my God, for him again 940
Loved, when a wretch defiled with sin, 10
Loved with an everlasting love. 10
Loved with an everlasting love. 96
Lovely Jesus, 563
Loves and still delights to keep. 1071
Loves his people to the end 551
Loving Bridegroom, 610
Low, and proper to be made 802
Low as the deeps of hell 212
Low at his feet would fall, 730
Low at the throne of grace. 382
Low at thy feet I bow 196
Low at thy feet my soul would lie 927
Low at thy footstool humbly fall 275
Low before his cross to lie, 158
Lowliness of heart, and meekness 826
Lowly, meek, in thought and word, 248
Lust, vanity and pride, 617