Gadsby’s Hymn Y

Ye angels, dwell upon the sound! 18
Ye angels, hymn his glorious name, 856
Ye angels, strike your harps of gold 489
Ye are travelling home to God 267
Ye broken hearts all, who cry out, Unclean, 687
Ye broken hearts, be strong 519
Ye busy cares, be still 1086
Ye cannot bring me guilty in, 163
Ye cannot but hold on your way. 350
Ye captive souls, in fetters bound, 989
Ye children of God, by faith in his Son, 221
Ye children of Zion, now dry up your tears 1033
Ye chosen royal seed, 608
Ye Christians, hear the joyful news, 492
Ye citizens of heaven. 102
Ye dying souls, that sit 110
Ye elder sons, be still 219
Ye eternal gates, your leaves unfold! 489
Ye famishing, naked, and poor, 566
Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take 320
Ye fearing, doubting souls, turn in. 1090
Ye feeble saints, your strength endures, 338
Ye gleaners, one and all, 519
Ye guilty souls, that groan and grieve, 488
Ye happy souls, draw near, 59
Ye heavens, reflect it to the ground! 18
Ye highly favoured few 1094
Ye humble souls, complain no more 257
Ye know your faith shall ever last 810
Ye lambs of Christ’s fold, ye weaklings in faith, 804
Ye messengers of grace, 586
Ye mournful souls, be glad! 59
Ye mourning souls, lift up your eyes 572
Ye must rise when Christ appears 491
Ye palaces, sceptres, and crowns, 246
Ye perishing and naked poor, 56
Ye pilgrims of Zion, and chosen of God, 350
Ye pilgrims, too, below, 487
Ye poor afflicted souls, give ear, 897
Ye prisoners of hope, o’erwhelmed with grief, 998
Ye prodigals, lift up your voice, 590
Ye ransomed from the fall 730
Ye ransomed of the Lord 834
Ye sadly would your folly mourn 810
Ye saints, ascend the skies. 466
Ye saints of the Lord, rejoice in your King 568
Ye saints on earth, your voices raise, 504
Ye saints, to praise his name, 132
Ye servants of the Lord, 586
Ye shall have by God imputed, 920
Ye sinners in distress, 586
Ye sinners lost, and wretched too, 592
Ye sinners, while these symbols dear 824
Ye slaves in Sinai’s cell, 59
Ye sons of God, be wise, 599
Ye sons of God, rejoice, and sing 531
Ye sons of liberty, 608
Ye soon will meet with comfort sweet 806
Ye souls redeemed by Jesus’ blood, 1094
Ye souls redeemed of Gentile race, 730
Ye souls, redeemed with blood, 608
Ye souls redeemed with blood 102
Ye souls redeemed with Jesus’ precious blood, 703
Ye souls that are weak, and helpless, and poor, 129
Ye souls that trust in Christ, rejoice 850
Ye struggling souls, be strong in faith, 782
Ye tempted and tried, to Jesus draw nigh, 1000
Ye tempted souls, reflect 312
Ye that assume his sacred name, 797
Ye that die without repentance, 491
Ye that pass by, behold the Man! 688
Ye the kingdom shall obtain, 145
Ye thirsty, poor, and needy souls, 996
Ye thirsty, sin-sick souls, draw near 985
Ye trembling souls appear 1122
Ye tried, ye tempted sinners, look 572
Ye weary spirits, rest 59
Ye who find yourselves polluted, 920
Ye who have felt his blood 415
Ye who his salvation prove, 90
Ye who scorn the Lamb that died. 495
Ye who see the Father’s grace 90
Ye who think of sin but lightly, 1116
Ye will at last be winners 806
Ye wretched sinners, come 675
Yea, down to old age he will keep, 627
Yea, down to the Jordan of death, 298
Yea, for them my life did resign. 183
Yea, he decreed the very place 61
Yea, more, with his own hand he seemed 295
Yea, oft in the clouds of dejection he’ll ride, 297
Yea, when thy eye of faith is dim, 925
Yes, ’twas grace beyond all measure, 1040
Yes, affliction is their lot 616
Yes, and I must and will esteem 112
Yes, blood so rich as thine. 860
Yes, bring it forth, and put it on, 590
Yes, dearest Lord, ’tis my desire 61
Yes! God is above men, devils, and sin 229
Yes, he is the true paschal Lamb, 566
Yes, he speaks, and speaks to thee, 273
Yes, I shall soon be landed 483
Yes, I shall soon be seated, 483
Yes, I to the end shall endure, 340
Yes, I’m secure beneath thy blood, 166
Yes, if his name be Lord of Hosts, 557
Yes, Jesus is by heaven adored, 1042
Yes, Lord, I own thy sovereign hand, 1086
Yes, Lord, I shall see the bliss of thy own 408
Yes, mercy reigns, and justice too 17
Yes, my Beloved to my sight 21
Yes, my soul, ’tis he! ’tis he! 1116
Yes, now I know ’tis he, ’tis he! 950
Yes, on thy word alone I’ll rest, 962
Yes, saith the Lord, now will I rise 1146
Yes, she may forgetful be, 968
Yes, the cup of wrath is drained 982
Yes, the Redeemer left his throne, 95
Yes, the very worst of sinners, 593
Yes, this Warrior, 560
Yes, this way abounds with grace, 543
Yes, thou art precious to my soul, 138
Yes though of sinners I’m the worst, 1100
Yes, ’tis a faithful, cheering word, 1046
Yes, we praise thee, gracious Saviour 416
Yes, when this flesh and heart shall fail, 198
Yes, with a cheerful zeal, 362
Yes, with a loud immortal tongue, 592
Yes, you shall all his glory see, 666
Yesterday, today, for ever, 826
Yet a flagrant rebel still, 1031
Yet a loving Peter fell. 742
Yet act the flatterer’s part 1146
Yet after many toilsome years, 178
Yet all are most needful not one is in vain. 993
Yet all his saints on earth shall know, 625
Yet all the vain and noisy crowd 302
Yet all things shall work for their good, 298
Yet am I helped on this to dwell, 410
Yet amazed I would be, 301
Yet ask for further light, 891
Yet be not dejected, however oppressed, 322
Yet be of good cheer, and soon shall you know 998
Yet, beguiled by unbelief, 742
Yet black is his name, though by his Lord blest 710
Yet, bless the Lord, through grace I feel 621
Yet boundless is his grace 559
Yet, brethren, rest not here. 786
Yet bring their wants away. 412
Yet can’t compare with him. 15
Yet Christ will safely keep, 294
Yet continual sorrow bear 237
Yet crave a living store. 589
Yet David’s Lord and Gideon’s Friend, 338
Yet, dearest Lord, when viewed in thee, 470
Yet drink, and let your hearts be glad. 996
Yet erring men make much ado, 78
Yet feed upon folly and vice, 1149
Yet feel a strange mysterious strife 997
Yet find my own is working too. 728
Yet find on the morrow the law does him curse. 520
Yet finds me neither feet nor hands 49
Yet firm to his promise thy God shall abide 297
Yet firmly decreed to save us by grace 343
Yet for mercy I may plead, 895
Yet for sin there’s no remission 916
Yet full forgiveness is with thee 385
Yet glory they not in their shame, 298
Yet God, my God, forgets me not 967
Yet grace, though he bless thee, shall surely be tried. 297
Yet, gracious God! thy power and love 164
Yet, gracious God, where shall I flee 136
Yet have been upheld till now 376
Yet he arose to live and reign, 167
Yet he espies my every want, 279
Yet he in the furnace loves us 758
Yet he made a woeful trip, 742
Yet he will soon the cause decide, 762
Yet his love and grace are such, 623
Yet his mercy is no less 956
Yet his Spirit whispers peace, 801
Yet his tender, loving heart 562
Yet hope’s determined still to wait, 244
Yet hoping in the Lamb, 214
Yet how little they could see 802
Yet how little understood! 758
Yet I feel I’m not at home, 722
Yet I love thee and adore 968
Yet I mourn my stubborn will 283
Yet I must live on thee, dear Lord, 962
Yet I weary am, I know, 356
Yet I will remember thee. 968
Yet in himself evils are both seen and felt. 612
Yet in his righteousness complete. 175
Yet in the Lord they firm abide, 634
Yet in thy gospel plan I see, 44
Yet in thy strength can all things do 172
Yet Jesus bids him nothing dread. 1049
Yet joy in the morning shall surely abound 343
Yet kindly he smiled, and said, Live! 319
Yet know not what they say. 300
Yet, lest on their lees they should rest, 298
Yet let believers cease their fears, 39
Yet let me hear thy call, 1072
Yet let me not repine 1110
Yet, let the blood our hands have spilt 716
Yet long I vainly sought 673
Yet, Lord, be near my heart, 672
Yet, Lord, if thy love has designed 293
Yet, Lord, our inmost thoughts delight 423
Yet, Lord, relying on thy word, 999
Yet, Lord, whate’er thy will may be, 646
Yet loved me notwithstanding all 9
Yet married am I to Jesus the Lamb! 521
Yet men would fain be just with God, 1148
Yet mercy can my guilt forgive, 238
Yet mercy spares this guilty land, 1143
Yet, mighty God! our fleeting days 498
Yet murmur at it still. 278
Yet must this building rise 141
Yet never wanted bread. 446
Yet none so foolish are and base, 898
Yet not with single eye 253
Yet now and then, dear Lord, bestow 265
Yet now, subdued by sovereign grace, 732
Yet often start aside 613
Yet often triumph in my Head. 728
Yet oftimes he proves them, for grace must be tried. 297
Yet on her Beloved she leans. 334
Yet on its brink I dwell 444
Yet on this rock the church shall rest, 141
Yet once again I seek thy face 1060
Yet one strange work exceeds them all! 88
Yet one thing secures us, whatever betide, 324
Yet our Jesus loves us freely, 719
Yet pant for breath each step I take. 883
Yet pass rebellious angels by 1123
Yet past backslidings Christ can heal, 714
Yet plague the prisoner too. 151
Yet pleased with his journey and swift in his flight 414
Yet retain a heart of steel 689
Yet save a trembling sinner, Lord, 761
Yet, says the Lord, should nature change, 269
Yet, self-abased, will I adore 381
Yet shall possess a heavenly throne. 172
Yet simple folk have sharpest eyes, 745
Yet sin’s rank weeds within me live 875
Yet since I feel it so, 1108
Yet since we have known the Saviour’s great name, 324
Yet sovereign favours we have oft enjoyed 699
Yet sovereign mercy calls, Return! 392
Yet still he will love thee but grace must be tried. 297
Yet still his hand they shall adore, 274
Yet still his written will obey, 75
Yet still I cannot come to thee. 1019
Yet still knock on, and wait awhile 893
Yet still our souls desire anew 911
Yet still this Man thy Peace shall be. 925
Yet still we do all things in vain, 250
Yet such is free grace unto me, 595
Yet such is the power and love of our King, 612
Yet sure no soul shall e’er be lost 714
Yet the question gives a plea, 376
Yet the strong this way can’t come 543
Yet the sweet streams that from him flow, 142
Yet the victory hope to gain 237
Yet then my happy soul shall tell, 410
Yet they feel a panting mind 619
Yet they have an inward joy, 80
Yet thinks itself the least. 905
Yet this we safely may believe, 681
Yet thou alone hast power, I know, 999
Yet thou canst come to me. 302
Yet though beset by crafty foes, 302
Yet though in massy fetters bound, 1092
Yet though their sweetness I have known, 728
Yet, through all the scenes of time, 545
Yet, through grace, we know in measure 651
Yet thy God is with thee still. 853
Yet ’tis the gospel’s joyful sound 1090
Yet to dread the thoughts of ease. 237
Yet to hold deliverance sure. 237
Yet to sigh with sore contrition, 237
Yet to tremble, fear and quake 237
Yet too dark to see my way 722
Yet, trusting in thy righteousness, 1120
Yet wait for morning light. 893
Yet watch against falling, and yield not to doubt, 644
Yet we are born to cares and woes 465
Yet we by faith death’s power defy 492
Yet we freely all abandon, 1102
Yet we hope the day to see, 1062
Yet we rejoice to hear his name, 423
Yet we shall hereafter know, 315
Yet we trust thy mighty hand 349
Yet we’ll adore his name 614
Yet we’ll attempt his name to bless, 724
Yet, when faith is strong and true, 616
Yet, when they mourned their faults, 318
Yet, while they the furnace are in, 183
Yet who that knows the worth of prayer, 394
Yet with my God I leave my cause 465
Yet with the bounties of thy grace, 498
Yet would I glory in the thought, 959
Yet would I in his grace confide, 953
Yet would I trust in him that died, 953
Yet yield not thou to doubt 782
Yet you stand, and stand you will 77
Yield not, then, to unbelief 956
Yield sweet obedience to thy law. 655
Yield their fruit to all around, 932
Yielding peace and sweet delight. 1096
Yon permanent sun shall outshine 246
You can never be released, 157
You can’t come too filthy come just as you are. 155
You cannot be right in the rest, 1149
You for ever 496
You have now, in David’s city, 776
You never shall perish if Jesus can save. 804
You never will perfection find, 572
You on Jesus’ throne shall rest 267
You that love the Lord indeed, 283
You, the objects of his choice, 662
You then have peace with God. 45
You to dwell with fiends infernal, 491
You to everlasting pain. 491
You to save, your flesh assumes 267
You who long for his appearing, 496
You who unto Jesus for refuge have fled 329
You will never come at all. 723
You’ll sing the same another day. 87A
You’re safe in your Redeemer’s hands, 82
Young and old do now before thee 1150
Young men and maidens, rich and poor, 620
Younger plants – the sight how pleasant, 1144
Your baseness he bore, and makes you all fair 568
Your cancelled claim no more obtrude 106
Your case admits no stay 45
Your cheerful song would oftener be, 394
Your conquering Lord pursue, 861
Your Counsellor to plead, 571
Your dread crimes once pierced his heart! 720
Your every burden bring 987
Your faithful God is gracious still 858
Your first espousals call to mind 858
Your glorious Head, in all you do. 608
Your God and King adore 127
Your grateful tribute bring 39
Your harps, ye trembling saints, 330
Your hearts and voices raise 487
Your heavenly Father ever lives, 531
Your heavenly Father is your Light, 531
Your hope in Jesus never dies 921
Your Husband and Saviour for you gave his life; 644
Your Husband, and your Friend 571
Your interest in his blood, 986
Your liberty receive 59
Your Maker’s lovely praise 539
Your Master’s lot you must expect 312
Your noblest music bring. 167
Your noblest powers exert, 403
Your pomps are but shadows and sounds, 246
Your prayers will not prove vain 308A
Your pride with disdain I survey 246
Your Prophet he to teach 571
Your resurrection’s sure, through his, 488
Your Saviour, and your God, 571
Your sighing and mourning in singing shall end. 998
Your sins are all forgiven 850
Your sorrow and sighing are felt in his breast 687
Your strength will forsake you, and leave you to fall, 644
Your Surety, thus released by God, 488
Your taste shall all my dainties prove, 363
Your very hairs are numbered all 1113
Your Way, your Life, your End. 571
Your weaker brethren to despise, 810
Your wonderful Lover has bought you with blood 644