The sycamore tree by Zacchaeus was climbed,
When fearful of losing a day
In seeing the Teacher they spoke of so much,
Who was passing in mercy that way.

Though little of stature, he was not too small
For Jesus the Saviour to see,
Who knew what he wished, as the Searcher of hearts,
And bade him come down from the tree.

And seeking to teach him yet more of His mind,
The Saviour became then his guest,
To tell him of treasures he knew not before,
And lead him to blessing and rest.

That day did salvation come into his house,
That day this poor sinner was saved,
And though with extortion he acted before,
And as an oppressor behaved,

How quick was his passage from darkness to light,
How happy the publican’s haste,
To welcome the Friend of the lost to his house,
The sweets of His mercy to taste!