There is a bridgeless river
Which Adam’s race must pass;
And none but true believers
Will find their standing fast.
But faith for them the way will pave
And bear them safe across the wave.

Great numbers through this river
Have waded free from fears,
Though all their lives in bondage
Were spent in sighs and tears.
All through the stream the arms of love
Have raised their eyes and hopes above.

Beyond this bridgeless river
There is a heavenly home,
Where Jesus, the Forerunner,
Doth bid His pilgrims come.
There they shall range the heavenly plains
And shout free grace in endless strains.

Blest Spirit! now prepare me
To pass the swelling flood;
Before I go assure me
I’m washed in Jesus’ blood;
And when I’m landed, then I’ll sing
Eternal praise to Christ my King.