Ye lambs of Christ’s fold, ye weaklings in faith,
Who long to lay hold on life by His death;
Who fain would believe Him, and in your best room
Would gladly receive Him, but fear to presume;

Remember one thing, O may it sink deep;
Our Shepherd and King cares much for His sheep;
To trust Him endeavour; the work is His own;
He makes the believer, and gives him his crown.

Those feeble desires, those wishes so weak,
’Tis Jesus inspires, and bids you still seek;
His Spirit will cherish the life He first gave;
You never shall perish if Jesus can save.

Blest soul that can say, “Christ only I seek.”
Wait for Him alway; be constant though weak;
The Lord whom thou seekest will not tarry long;
And to Him the weakest is dear as the strong.