I cannot see into the future,
Or tell what tomorrow will bring:
It may be the darkness of winter,
Perhaps ’twill be sunshine and spring.
The hopes, fondly cherished, may wither,
The friends I have trusted forsake,
But Jesus my Lord is unchanging:
He knoweth the way that I take.

Though darkness may shroud all the future,
His presence the gloom will dispel,
The sea shall divide at His bidding:
With Jesus to lead, all is well.
And still as I go on my journey,
A path through the desert I’ll make,
Though briars and thorns may obstruct me,
He knoweth the way that I take.

He knoweth the past and the present;
The future my Lord can foresee,
Jehovah, who feedeth the ravens,
Will not be unmindful of me.
At night He will compass my pillow,
Nor leave me when morning doth break,
His arms, everlasting, protect me;
He knoweth the way that I take.