I have a dear, a happy home,
And much my home I love,
But is there now prepared for me
A better home above?
There sin and sorrow cannot come,
Or thought of pain and care;
God wipes the tears from every face,
And all are happy there.

No angry passions there are felt,
Nor quarrels ever come,
For every heart is full of love,
Within that happy home.
They praise with joy the Saviour’s name,
His glorious likeness bear;
They love Him with a perfect love,
For all are holy there.

Has Jesus made me now His child?
Does grace my soul renew?
Did Jesus shed for me His blood,
That I might enter, too?
If so, when all on earth is done,
A place for me is found;
In heaven a holy, happy home,
Where endless joys abound.