His Birth


What star unknown, with ardent lustre beaming,
Fires all the eastern skies with wondrous light?
Ne’er till this day across the darkness gleaming
Did rays so brilliant pierce the veil of night.

To Bethlehem Ephratah pointing ever,
O’er Judah’s hills those rays their glory fling,
And guide true worshippers in their endeavour
To find the Christ, and kneel before their King.

Scorn if thou wilt, proud world, the Saviour lowly;
Despise Immanuel stooping from above;
But we will triumph in His advent holy,
And hail the abounding greatness of His love.

O, bright and morning star, shine forth victorious;
Within our hearts thy heavenly light display;
Reveal the Saviour in His coming glorious,
And guide our footsteps in His holy way.