“I am crucified with Christ.” Gal. 2. 20; 5. 24

G. Tersteegen, translated by J. Wesley   112th

Thou hidden love of God, whose height,
Whose depth unfathomed, no man knows,
I see from far thy beauteous light,
And inly sigh for thy repose;
My heart is pained, nor can it be
At rest, till I find rest in thee.

Is there a thing beneath the sun,
That strives with thee my heart to share?
Ah! tear it thence, and reign alone,
And govern every motion there.
Then shall my heart from earth be free,
When it has found its all in thee.

O crucify this self, that I
No more, but Christ in me, may live;
Bid all my vile affections die,
Nor let one hateful lust survive.
In all things nothing may I see,
Nothing desire, or seek, but thee.

Lord, draw my heart from earth away,
And make it only know thy call;
Speak to my inmost soul, and say,
“I am thy Saviour, God, thy All!”
O dwell in me, fill all my soul,
And all my powers by thine control.