“Awake, O north wind.” Song. 4. 16; Isa. 61. 11

J. Kent   L.M.

When Zion’s sons, great God! appear
In Zion’s courts for praise and prayer,
There, in thy Spirit, deign to be
As one with those who worship thee.

Without thy sovereign power, O Lord,
No sweets the gospel can afford;
No drops of heavenly love will fall
To cheer the weary, thirsting soul.

Winds from the north and south, awake,
Take of the things of Jesus, take;
Diffuse thy kind celestial dew,
Bring pardon, peace, and healing too.

Then shall we count the season dear
To those who speak or those who hear;
And all conspire with sweet accord,
In hymns of joy, to praise the Lord.