Free Grace.  Zech. 4. 7;  Titus 3. 7

J. Dracup                           C.M.

Free grace to every heaven-born soul
Will be their constant theme;
Long as eternal ages roll,
They’ll still adore the Lamb.

Free grace alone can wipe the tears
From our lamenting eyes;
Can raise our souls from guilty fears
To joy that never dies.

[Free grace can death itself outbrave,
And take its sting away;
Can souls unto the utmost save,
And them to heaven convey.

Our Saviour, by free grace alone,
His building shall complete;
With shouting bring forth the head stone,
Crying, Grace, grace to it.

May I be found a living stone,
In Salem’s streets above;
And help to sing before the throne,
Free grace and dying love.