Person and Power of the Spirit. John 6. 63; 16. 13

W. Gadsby   7s

Holy Ghost, we look to thee;
Raise the dead; the captive free;
From the mighty take the prey,
Teach the weak to watch and pray.

Now, dear Lord, the heavens rend;
Make some haughty rebel bend;
Life, and light, and truth impart,
To some careless sinner’s heart.

If it be thy holy will,
Now thy gracious word fulfil;
Quicken souls, and make them cry,
“Jesus, save me, or I die.”

[Nor thy mourning saints forget;
Thy sweet unction still repeat;
Daily lead us unto Christ,
As our Prophet, King, and Priest.]

Thine it is the church to bless,
And to comfort in distress;
Trembling, helpless souls to guide,
Safe to Jesus’ wounded side.

Out of self to Jesus lead!
For and in us intercede;
Guide us down to death, and there
Banish all our guilt and fear.

There and then support the mind;
May we be to death resigned;
And with an immortal song,
Haste to join the heavenly throng.