Election. Eph. 1. 4-9; 2. 9; Deut. 7. 8; Matt. 11. 26

W. Gadsby   C.M.

Election is a truth divine,
As absolute as free;
Works ne’er can make the blessing mine;
’Tis God’s own wise decree.

Before Jehovah built the skies,
Or earth, or seas, or sun,
He chose a people for his praise,
And gave them to his Son.

Eternal was the choice of God,
A sovereign act indeed;
And Jesus, the incarnate Word,
Secures the chosen seed.

He loved and chose because he would;
Nor did his choice depend
On sinners’ work, or bad or good,
But on his sovereign mind.

Nor law, nor death, nor hell, nor sin,
Can alter his decree;
The elect eternal life shall win,
And all God’s glory see.

His counsel stands for ever sure,
Immortal and divine;
And justice, mercy, truth, and power,
Unite to make it mine.