Deliverance from Guilt by Christ. 1 Thess. 1. 10

W. Gadsby    8s

Rejoice, and let Christ be thy song,
For he is thy All and in All;
He leads my soul safely along,
In spite of the world, sin, or thrall;
Though poor in myself, yet in him
I’ve riches immense and divine;
Nor can I be brought guilty in,
For Jesus, my Lord, paid the fine.

Once I was enveloped in debt,
My poor mind was burdened with sin,
And strove hard to make matters straight,
That I the Lord’s favour might win!
But ah! my soul laboured in vain,
And only the debt did increase,
Which greatly increasèd my pain,
And filled me with shame and disgrace.

I looked to the law for some help,
And hoped it some mercy would show;
But O, my soul trembled, and felt
The law could but doom me to woe,
I saw it too just to forgive;
Too holy at sin to connive;
Then speechless I stood, as if dead,
Nor did I expect a reprieve.

But while I stood trembling with fear,
The Saviour of sinners came in,
Who smiled, and said, “Be of good cheer,
I surely will save thee from sin;
I’m Jesus, the First and the Last;
Thy debts have been chargèd on me –
The future, the present, the past –
And thou shalt for ever go free.”