Sinners Married to Christ. Rom. 7. 4; Jer. 3. 14

W. Gadsby   8.8.6.

My soul with holy wonder views
The love the Lord the Saviour shows,
To wretched, dying man;
So strange, so boundless is his grace,
He takes the vilest of our race
With him to live and reign.

He’ll charm them with a holy kiss,
And make them know what union is;
He’ll draw them to his breast;
A smiling eye upon them cast,
Which brings them to his feet in haste,
Each singing, “I am blest!

“I’m blest, I’m blest, for ever blest;
My rags are gone, and I am dressed
In garments white as snow;
I’m married to the Lord the Lamb,
Whose beauties I can ne’er explain,
Nor half his glory show.”