Changeableness. Gal. 5. 17; John 3. 6

W. Gadsby    7s

Lord, I freely would confess,
I am all unrighteousness;
Base and vile, from head to feet;
Full of pride and self-conceit.

[When thy presence I enjoy,
I can say, My God is nigh;
And with holy wonder tell,
Thou, dear Lord, dost all things well.]

When deliverance thou hast wrought,
I can of thy wonders talk,
And too often proudly say,
Nothing more shall me dismay.

[When, by faith, I view my Lord,
Bathed in agonies and blood,
I with joy his love repeat,
Sink to nothing at his feet.]

But, alas! how soon I stand
At a distance, unconcerned;
And the trifles of a day
Almost carry me away.

Lord, with shame and grief I own,
I to evil still am prone;
Vile and base I am indeed;
When from sin shall I be freed?

Make me strong and steadfast too;
Help me all thy will to do;
And with patience may I wait,
Ever knocking at thy gate.