Reproach of Christ Esteemed by Faith. Heb. 11. 26

W. Gadsby    7s

Precious Jesus! must it be,
Is it thy all-wise decree,
That afflictions must attend
Zion to her journey’s end?

[Must the heirs of endless bliss
Travel through a wilderness,
And, by savage beasts of prey,
Be tormented night and day?]

Yes, affliction is their lot;
Earth is a polluted spot,
Where a million evils dwell,
All in league with death and hell.

Pains and sorrows, sins and woes,
Will the Christian’s way oppose;
Every day brings something new,
Zion’s troubles to renew.

Yet, when faith is strong and true,
They with cheerfulness go through,
Scorning all created good,
When opposed to Christ, their God.

Living faith will still esteem
The reproaches of the Lamb,
Greater riches than this earth
Can afford the sons of mirth.

O for faith this choice to make,
And endure, for Jesus’ sake,
The reproaches of his cross,
Counting all things else but dross!