“I shall be satisfied, … with thy likeness.” Ps. 17. 15

W. Gadsby   7s

Creatures are but vain at best;
In them is no solid rest.
All the world calls good or great
Cannot perfect bliss create.

Souls renewed by grace divine,
Carnal pleasures will resign;
Holiness, without a stain,
They are thirsting to obtain.

Satisfied! not they indeed,
Till with Christ, their living Head,
They in heavenly bliss appear,
And his likeness fully bear.

[Heart and flesh may fail, ’tis true;
Sin and Satan plague them too!
Hell and earth their powers unite,
Christ to banish from their sight;

For a season they may be
Left at an uncertainty,
Overwhelmed with fear and doubt,
Scarcely know what they’re about;

Yet they feel a panting mind
For a God supremely kind;
Satisfied they cannot be,
But as they his beauty see.]