God the Father of his People. Ps. 103. 13

W. Gadsby   S.M.

The Lord Jehovah is
Our Father and our Friend;
Immortal majesty is his,
Nor can his glory end.

He guards his children well,
Nor shall they starve for want;
When they their needs unto him tell,
He’ll answer their complaint.

He bids his saints draw nigh,
Nor fear to call him theirs;
And, though he reigns enthroned on high,
He calls them sons and heirs.

His sympathising heart
Feels for them in distress;
And love divine he will impart,
With strength and righteousness.

[Though they in darkness walk,
He is their Father still;
And when insulting Ishmaels mock
He will his grace reveal.]

[His children he supplies
With food and raiment too;
He with his wisdom makes them wise,
And will their strength renew.]

Should men and devils try
To make the saints a prey;
The Lord, their Father, still is nigh,
To guard them in his way.

Through all the scenes of time,
He’ll make his goodness known;
His sons, in every age and clime,
His sovereign grace shall own.