“And ye are Christ’s.” 1 Cor. 3. 23; Rom. 14. 8

W. Gadsby   7s

Sinners who on Jesus rest,
Must eternally be blest;
All Jehovah’s love can give,
They from Jesus shall receive.

Loved of God, to Jesus given,
In the purposes of heaven;
They are bought with blood divine,
And they must in glory shine.

They are Jesus’ flesh and bone,
Nor from him shall e’er be torn;
Can a part be sent to hell,
And the whole in Zion dwell?

No! we bless the Lord on high,
Not a single joint can die;
Every member lives in him;
He’s the life of every limb.

They are Christ’s by ties divine;
Here his brightest glories shine;
All creation must give place
To the subjects of his grace.

Matchless Jesus! may we be
Wholly taken up with thee!
And, in every deep distress,
Lean upon thy truth and grace.