“Chosen … in the furnace of affliction.” Isa. 48. 10

J. Kent    8.7.4.

Sons of God, in tribulation,
Let your eyes the Saviour view;
He’s the Rock of our salvation,
He was tried and tempted too;
All to succour
Every tempted, burdened son.

’Tis if need be, he reproves us,
Lest we settle on our lees;
Yet he in the furnace loves us;
’Tis expressed in words like these:
“I am with thee,
Israel, passing through the fire.”

To his church, his joy, and treasure,
Every trial works for good;
They are dealt in weight and measure,
Yet how little understood!
Not in anger,
But from his dear covenant love.

If today he deigns to bless us
With a sense of pardoned sin,
Perhaps tomorrow he’ll distress us,
Make us feel the plague within;
All to make us
Sick of self and fond of him.