“I … know my sheep, and am known of mine.” John 10. 14

W. Hammond   7s

Jesus, Shepherd of the sheep,
Thou thy flock dost feed and keep;
Sweetest pasture dost prepare,
Watchest them with tender care.

Thee the sheep profess and own,
Thee they love, and thee alone;
Thee they follow in the way;
Strangers will they not obey.

Thou dost call them by their names;
In thy bosom bear’st the lambs;
They protection seek, and rest,
In their Shepherd’s loving breast.

Lord, thy wandering sheep behold;
Bring them back into thy fold;
On thy shoulders bear them home;
Suffer them no more to roam.

Lead them into pastures green,
Where thy lovely face is seen;
Make them to those fountains go,
Where the living waters flow.