Treasure in Heaven. 1 Tim. 6. 17-19; Prov. 11. 24

J. Hart                   S.M.

Remember, man, thy birth;
Set not on gold thy heart;
Naked thou cam’st upon the earth,
And naked must depart.

This world’s vain wealth despise;
Happiness is not here;
To Jesus lift thy longing eyes,
And seek thy treasure there.

If profit be thy scope,
Diffuse thy alms about;
The worldling prospers laying up,
The Christian laying out.

Returns will not be scant
With honour in the high’st;
For who relieves his brethren’s want,
Bestows his alms on Christ.

Give gladly to the poor,
’Tis lending to the Lord;
In secret so increase thy store,
And hide in heaven the hoard.

There thou may’st fear no thief,
No rankling rust or moth;
Thy treasure and thy heart are safe;
Where one is, will be both.