“Christ, and him crucified.” 1 Cor. 2. 2; Phil. 3. 10

J. Swain   C.M.

Hark! from the cross a gracious voice
Salutes my ravished ears;
“Rejoice, thou ransomed soul, rejoice,
And dry those falling tears.”

Amazed, I turn, grown strangely bold,
This wondrous thing to see;
And there the dying Lord behold,
Stretched on the bloody tree!

“Sinner,” he cries, “behold the head
This thorny wreath entwines;
Look on these wounded hands, and read
Thy name in crimson lines.”

The power, the sweetness of that voice,
My stony heart does move;
Makes me in Christ my Lord rejoice,
And melts my soul to love.