“Worship him in spirit and in truth.” John 4. 24

J. Allen    L.M.

Belovèd Saviour, faithful Friend,
The joy of all thy blood-bought train,
In mercy to our aid descend,
Or else we worship thee in vain.

In vain we meet to sing and pray,
If Christ his influence withhold;
Our hearts remain as cold as clay,
Till we the Lord by faith behold.

Here manifest thyself in peace;
Thy tender mercies here make known;
O breathe on us a gale of grace,
And send the cheering blessing down.

We humbly for thy coming wait,
Seeking to know thee as thou art;
We bow as sinners at thy feet,
And bid thee welcome to our heart.

Unite our hearts to thee, dear Lamb;
Vouchsafe to join us all in one,
To love and praise thy gracious name,
Until we meet around thy throne.