“Come unto me, all ye that labour.” Matt. 11. 28

J. Newton   7s

Christ has blessings to impart,
Grace to save thee from thy fears;
O the love that fills his heart!
Sinner, wipe away thy tears.

Why art thou afraid to come?
Why afraid to tell thy case?
He will not pronounce thy doom;
Smiles are seated on his face.

Though his majesty be great,
Yet his mercy is no less;
Though he thy transgressions hate,
Jesus feels for thy distress.

Raise thy downcast eyes and see,
Numbers do his throne surround;
These were sinners once, like thee;
But have full salvation found.

Yield not, then, to unbelief;
Courage, soul, “there yet is room!”
Though of sinners thou art chief,
Come, thou burdened sinner, come.