“Is not this a brand plucked out of the fire?” Zech. 3. 2

J. Hart                                                 L.M.

Thus saith the Lord to those that stand
And wait to hear his great command,
“I have a sinner to renew,
And, lo! this charge I give to you.

“Pull his polluted garments off;
Here, soul, here’s raiment rich enough;
Clothe thee with righteousness divine;
Not creature’s righteousness, but mine.

“Satan avaunt; stand off, ye foes;
In vain ye rail, in vain oppose;
Your cancelled claim no more obtrude;
He’s mine; I bought him with my blood.

“Sinner, thou stand’st in me complete;
Though they accuse thee, I acquit;
I bore for thee the avenging ire,
And plucked thee burning from the fire.”