“Lord, remember me.”  Luke 23. 42;  Ps. 25. 7

(Author Unknown)               148th

Dear Lord, remember me,
A sinner weak and vile,
Full of impiety,
And fraught with sin and guile,
I cannot hope but in thy blood;
Remember me, O Lord, for good.

[Unable to depend
On nature-strength and power,
Jesus, my soul befriend;
Teach me to trust thee more;
Save me from sin and all its smart;
O save me from my treacherous heart!]

Upon thy oath I rest;
My feeble soul secure;
By sin I am oppressed,
But thy salvation’s sure;
Though like a bottle in the smoke,
I know thy vessels can’t be broke.

[’Tis true, dear Lord, I am
A sinner vile indeed!
Yet hoping in the Lamb,
Who deigned for such to bleed;
And while the Spirit seals my heart,
My soul believes we ne’er shall part.]

Christ ever will defend
The people of his choice;
He loves them without end,
And in them does rejoice;
For them he shed his precious blood,
And will present them all to God.