Matt. 26. 36-46;  2 Cor. 7. 10

J. Hart                               8.7.

Great High Priest, we view thee stooping
With our names upon thy breast;
In the garden groaning, drooping
To the ground, with horrors pressed;
Wondering angels stood confounded
To behold their Maker thus;
And can we remain unwounded,
When we know ’twas all for us?

On the cross thy body broken
Cancels every penal tie;
Tempted souls produce this token,
All demands to satisfy.
All is finished; do not doubt it;
But believe your dying Lord,
Never reason more about it,
Only take him at his word.

Lord, we fain would trust thee solely;
’Twas for us thy blood was spilt;
Bruisèd Bridegroom, take us wholly,
Take and make us what thou wilt.
Thou hast borne the bitter sentence
Passed on man’s devoted race;
True belief and true repentance
Are thy gifts, thou God of grace.