Repentance the Gift of God.  Acts 5. 31

J. Stevens                                 11s

The Lamb is exalted repentance to give,
That sin may be hated, while sinners believe;
Contrition is granted, and God justified,
The sinner is humbled, and self is denied.

Repentance flows freely through Calvary’s blood,
Produced by the Spirit and goodness of God.
The living possess it, through faith, hope, and love,
And own it a blessing sent down from above.

All born of the Spirit are brought to repent;
Free grace can make adamant hearts to relent.
Repentance is granted, God’s justice to prove;
Remission is given, and both from his love.

The vilest of sinners forgiveness have found,
For Jesus was humbled that grace might abound;
Whoever repents of his sin against God,
Shall surely be pardoned through Calvary’s blood.