“It is the Lord.”  1 Sam. 3. 18;  2 Sam. 15. 26

T. Greene                             C.M.

It is the Lord, enthroned in light,
Whose claims are all divine,
Who has an undisputed right
To govern me and mine.

[It is the Lord; should I distrust
Or contradict his will –
Who cannot do but what is just,
And must be righteous still?

It is the Lord, who can sustain
Beneath the heaviest load;
From whom assistance I obtain
To tread the thorny road.]

[It is the Lord, whose matchless skill
Can from afflictions raise
Matter eternity to fill
With ever-growing praise.]

It is the Lord, my covenant God,
(Thrice blessèd be his name!)
Whose gracious promise, sealed with blood,
Must ever be the same.

His covenant will my soul defend,
Should nature’s self expire,
And the great Judge of all descend
In awful flames of fire.

[How can my soul, with hopes like these,
Be sullen, or repine?
My gracious God, take what thou please,
But teach me to resign.]