Captain of Salvation.  Eph. 6. 11-18;  Ps. 27. 1

S. Stennett                                       L.M.

My Captain sounds the alarm of war –
Awake! the powers of hell are near!
“To arms, to arms!” I hear him cry;
“’Tis yours to conquer, or to die!”

Roused by the animating sound,
I cast my eager eyes around;
Make haste to gird my armour on,
And bid each trembling fear begone.

Hope is my helmet; Christ my shield;
Thy Word, my God, the sword I wield;
With sacred truth my loins are girt,
And holy zeal inspires my heart.

Thus armed, I venture on the fight,
Resolved to put my foes to flight;
While Jesus kindly deigns to spread
His conquering banner o’er my head.

In him I hope; in him I trust;
His bleeding cross is all my boast;
Through troops of foes he’ll lead me on,
To victory and a victor’s crown.

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