A Mourner’s Sorrow and Comfort.  Ps. 6. 6;  42. 1-3, 5

J. H. Langley                               7s

When shall all my sorrows end?
When my days of mourning cease?
When shall I to Christ ascend?
Only place of happiness?

Thirsting, panting after home,
Longing for that happy day,
Still I cry, “My Saviour, come!
Come, Lord Jesus, come away.”

See what tribulations rise;
Earth and sin beset me round;
Sorrows, trickling from my eyes,
Moisten all the weary ground.

Lord, thy pardoning love reveal;
Let my cry ascend thy ears.
Sin, alas! I deeply feel;
Sin, but ah! thy blood appears!

Blood, that answers every claim,
Tells me, Jesus died for me.
Then, in his delightful name,
Sin’s subdued, and I am free.