“Be strong, fear not.”  Isa. 35. 3, 4;  Rom. 8. 31

Rozzell                                     C.M.

How prone the mind to search for ill,
To fancy mighty woes!
Shortly the cup of life will fill,
And rob it of repose.

[How sharp and numerous are the pangs
Imagination gives!
So sharp, that life itself oft hangs
In doubt, nor dies nor lives.]

[Could we our woes with truth divide,
The sterling and ideal,
What crowds would stand on fancy’s side!
How few upon the real!]

Creatures of fear, we drag along,
And fear where no fear is;
Our griefs we labour to prolong!
Our joys in haste dismiss.

Spirit of power, thy strength impart;
This fearful spirit chase
Far off, and make my feeble heart
Thy constant dwelling-place.

O if to me thy strength be given,
If thou be on my side,
Then hell as soon shall conquer heaven
As I can be destroyed.