“The Canaanites … in that land.”  Josh. 17. 12

J. Kent                                      8s

The Canaanites still in the land,
To harass, perplex, and dismay,
Brought Israel of old at a stand,
For Anak was stronger than they.
What God had designed they possessed,
Supported and kept by his hand;
Yet, lest on their lees they should rest,
The Canaanites dwelt in the land.

‘Tis thus with the Israel on earth,
Who groan with a body of sin,
Partake of a spiritual birth,
The work of God’s Spirit within;
Today, with a taste of his love,
Jehovah their souls will expand,
Tomorrow he’ll give them to prove
The Canaanites still in the land.

[Corruptions like vapours shall rise;
Light, love, and delight shall be gone;
The sun shall be dark in the skies,
And hell, with its legions, come on;
Yet all things shall work for their good,
Afflictions, temptations, or pain;
And still, through the Lamb and his blood
Their cause they shall ever maintain.]

[Like Gad, by a troop overcome,
They fall, through the workings of sin;
Yet glory they not in their shame,
But mourn their defilement within.
On Zion’s bright summit above,
Victorious at last they shall stand,
Though now for a season they prove
The Canaanites still in the land.]

[A thorn in the flesh they shall have,
Their roving affections to win,
To teach them how Jesus can save,
And show them the depth of their sin;
Yea, down to the Jordan of death,
His foes shall the Christian withstand,
And feel, when resigning his breath,
The Canaanites still in the land.]

[To them he his oath shall fulfil,
A poor, little, faint-hearted band;
For ’tis of their Father’s good will
The Canaanites dwell in the land.
Their place of repose is on high,
No Canaanite enters therein,
To drink of the rivers of joy,
Remote from the regions of sin.]