“The spirit … lusteth to envy.” James 4. 5

J. Hart                          148th

What tongue can fully tell
That Christian’s grievous load,
Who would do all things well,
And walk the ways of God,
But feels within foul envy lurk,
And lust, and work, engendering sin?

[Poor, wretched, worthless worm!
In what sad plight I stand!
When good I would perform,
Then evil is at hand.
My leprous soul is all unclean,
My heart obscene, my nature foul.]

To trust to Christ alone,
By thousand dangers scared,
And righteousness have none,
Is something very hard.
Whate’er men say, the needy know
It must be so, it is the way.

Thou all-sufficient Lamb,
God blest for evermore,
We glory in thy name,
For thine is all the power.
Stretch forth thy hand, and hold us fast,
Our First and Last, in thee we stand.