The Meditation of Heaven. 2 Cor. 4. 17, 18

I. Watts         C.M.

My thoughts surmount these lower skies,
And look within the veil,
There springs of endless pleasure rise,
The waters never fail.

There I behold, with sweet delight,
The blessed Three-in-One;
And strong affections fix my sight
On God’s incarnate Son.

His promise stands for ever firm;
His grace shall ne’er depart;
He binds my name upon his arm,
And seals it on his heart.

Light are the pains that nature brings;
How short our sorrows are,
When with eternal, future things,
The present we compare!

I would not be a stranger still
To that celestial place,
Where I forever hope to dwell,
Near my Redeemer’s face.