The Beggar. Mark 10. 46, 47; Ps. 34. 6; 72. 12

W. Gadsby         C.M.

A limping beggar, clothed in rags;
Disgraceful and forlorn;
In self a mass of hateful dregs,
In Satan’s image born;

To Jesus comes, with all his woes,
And loud for mercy cries;
And mercy, like a river, flows
From Jesus’ heart and eyes.

He takes the rebel to his breast,
And, with a touch divine,
Heals him of all his wretchedness,
And makes his face to shine.

Himself he binds by oath and blood,
To take the wretch to bliss;
Then gives his soul a glimpse of God,
And kills him with a kiss.

Salvation unto God belongs!
Amen! we’ll bless his name;
And when we have immortal tongues,
We’ll still repeat the same.