“In remembrance of me.” 1 Cor. 11. 23-25

J. Hart          7.6.8.

Hail, thou Bridegroom, bruised to death,
 Who hast the wine-press trod
 Of the Almighty’s burning wrath!
 Hail, slaughtered Lamb of God;
 Melt our hearts with love like thine,
 While we behold thee on the tree,
 Sweetly mourning o’er each sign,
 In memory of thee.

Hail, thou mighty Saviour, blest
 Before the world began
 In the eternal Father’s breast,
 Hail, Son of God and man!
 Thee we hymn in humble strains;
 And to receive we now agree,
 These blest symbols of thy pains,
 In memory of thee.

Break, O break these hearts of stone,
 By some endearing word.
 Jesus, come! May every one
 Behold his suffering Lord.
 The Holy Ghost into us breathe;
 Help us to take, from doubtings free,
 These dear tokens of thy death
 In memory of thee.

[Thou, our great Melchisedec,
 Bring’st forth thy bread and wine;
 Thou hast wrought out, for our sake,
 A righteousness divine.
 Send thy blessing from above,
 When worms partake, such worms as we,
 These rich pledges of thy love,
 In memory of thee.]