Craving a Crumb of Mercy. Matt. 15. 27; Luke 18. 39

J. Fawcett            C.M.

A crumb of mercy, Lord, I crave,
Unworthy to be fed
With dainties such as angels have,
Or with the children’s bread.

Have pity on my needy soul;
Thy peace and pardon give;
Thy love can make the wounded whole,
And bid the dying live.

Behold me prostrate at thy gate;
Do not my suit deny;
With longing eyes for thee I wait;
O help me, or I die.

When thou dost give a heart to pray,
Thou wilt incline thy ear;
From me turn not thy face away,
But my petition hear.

So shall my joyful soul adore
The riches of thy grace;
No sinner needed mercy more,
That ever sought thy face.

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