Dagon shall fall before thy face, 885
Daily feel thy peace within, 990
Daily I’d commune with God. 990
Daily I’d repent of sin, 990
Daily I’d thy name adore, 990
Daily I’m constrained to be! 199
Daily lead us unto Christ, 515
Daily new cause of grief impart, 377
Daily panting, 698
Daily to feel thyself undone, 113
Daily wash in Calvary’s blood, 990
Daily within my bosom rise, 773
Dangerous is the path we go, 645
Dangers of every shape and name 290
Dare to defend his noble cause, 427
Dares not appear before thy throne 112
Dark and cheerless is the morn, 726
Dark clouds and storms come on apace, 299
Dark is he whose eye’s not single 800
Dark unbelief and pride, 353
Darkness and doubts had veiled my mind, 266
Darkness, deadness, guilt, and sin, 145
Darkness veils my shipwrecked soul. 1111
David also felt the same 742
David’s own God, and David’s blessed Son. 703
David’s son, yet David’s Lord 1116
Day of judgment, day of wonders! 496
Day-spring from on high, be near, 726
Day-star, in my heart appear. 726
Days of darkness and distress 1037
Days of fierce temptation too, 1037
Dead be my heart to every joy, 1066
Dead faith is but to think. 852
Dead sloth and pharisaic pride, 308
Dead to every lord but thee, 650
Deal gently with thy servant, Lord, 1043
Dear condescending God, appear, 655
Dear desire of every nation, 1054
Dear dying Friend, we look on thee, 716
Dear dying Lamb! thy precious blood 160
Dear Father, bless us with this grace, 531
Dear Father, draw, and we will run, 648
Dear Father, let thy presence be 643
Dear God, my every foe subdue, 621
Dear God, our guilt forgive, 682
Dear God! the treasures of thy love 56
Dear Immanuel, 610
Dear in primeval glory, when 216
Dear Jesus, bless the wine and bread, 436
Dear Jesus, fix my roving heart, 636
Dear Jesus, my Saviour, thy truth I embrace 41
Dear Jesus, preserve me in love, 319
Dear Jesus, raise me higher. 185
Dear Jesus, set me free, 386
Dear Jesus, show thy smiling face, 714
Dear Jesus, thou art true, 885
Dear Jesus! thy glories unfold, 529
Dear Jesus! Zion’s holy King, 367
Dear Lord, an adamant would melt 316
Dear Lord, and may I come 392
Dear Lord, and shall thy Spirit rest 1078
Dear Lord, and shall we ever live 25
Dear Lord! and will thy pardoning love 429
Dear Lord! are these thy ways 219
Dear Lord, assist our souls to pay 966
Dear Lord, do thou our strength renew, 608
Dear Lord, forbid that we should boast, 564
Dear Lord, I wait thy sweet return, 1034
Dear Lord, in this new year. 499
Dear Lord, may I a mourner be, 263
Dear Lord, may we prize the rich peace, 460
Dear Lord, more drops of honey send, 216
Dear Lord! my panting soul inflame, 407
Dear Lord, our many wants supply 382
Dear Lord, our souls would thus be fed. 142
Dear Lord, remember me. 117
Dear Lord, remember me, 214
Dear Lord, that cannot be 679
Dear Lord, the ardour of thy love 429
Dear Lord, thy people still are thine! 82
Dear Lord, thy weaker saints inspire, 3
Dear Lord! to us assembled here 382
Dear Lord, we fall before thy face 646
Dear Lord, what heavenly wonders dwell 95
Dear Lord, while in thy house we’re found, 1126
Dear Lord, while we adoring pay 418
Dear name! the rock on which I build 135
Dear Refuge of my weary soul, 136
Dear Saviour, come O quickly come, 992
Dear Saviour, enlighten my eyes, 529
Dear Saviour, for thy mercy’s sake, 288
Dear Saviour, help us now to seek, 469
Dear Saviour, I adore 392
Dear Saviour, let thy beauties be 1064
Dear Saviour, let thy powerful love 1109
Dear Saviour, make me free. 989
Dear Saviour, now the power bestow, 1061
Dear Saviour, on thy people smile, 1125
Dear Saviour, still lead on, 307
Dear Saviour, this is welcome news, 1122
Dear Shepherd of thy chosen few, 1023
Dear Shepherd of thy people, here 398
Dear Source of every good 1039
Dearest Jesus, bid me come 389
Dearest Lord, what must I do 1077
Dearest Object of my love, 944
Dearest of all the names above, 1095
Dearest Saviour, hasten hither, 1144
Dearest Saviour! we adore thee, 272
Dearly we are bought, for God 154
Dearly we’re bought, highly esteemed 102
Dearly we’re bought, highly esteemed 102
Dearly we’re bought, highly esteemed 102
Dearly we’re bought, highly esteemed 102
Dearly we’re bought, highly esteemed 102
Death and damnation for the first, 47
Death and destruction are my due 238
Death and hell no more shall awe. 93
Death and hell were its attendants, 560
Death and the grave are doleful themes, 470
Death! awful sound! the fruit of sin, 470
Death has no sting beside 464
Death has received a deadly bruise 492
Death has received a deadly wound 845
Death his death’s wound has now received 836
Death in vain forbids his rise 485
Death is no more a frightful foe 468
Death is now upon the road. 698
Death, like a narrow sea, divides 1022
Death lost his sting when Jesus bled 467
Death, nor hell, nor world, nor sin, 576
Death of deaths, and hell’s Destruction, 462
Death, thou hast lost thy sting.’ 469
Death’s a blessing now to those 843
Death’s within thee, all about thee 876
Deceived by the father of lies, 220
Decide this doubt for me 281
Decked with resplendent wounds 489
Declare my sins forgiven 928
Declare thee good, proclaim thee just. 8
Declares the great transactions past, 211
Declares the wage of sin is death. 146
Decline each thorny road, 851
Decline not to the right or left 812
Deeds of righteousness I’ve none 802
Deep and deeper growing yet 147
Deep are the wounds thy arrows give 194
Deep are the wounds which sin has made 977
Deep as our helpless miseries are, 56
Deep in a cold, a joyless cell, 835
Deep in his breast engraved he bore 794
Deep in his breast our names were cut 712
Deep in our hearts let us record 164
Deep in rebellion too 1094
Deep in the everlasting mind 66
Deep in the heart it lies 236
Deep in unfathomable mines 320
Deep interred in earth’s dark womb 843
Deep on his heart engraved 128
Deep quagmires choke the way 308
Deep river, through the desert way 996
Deep seated in the wounded gold, 794
Deep sunk in foul disgrace, 1026
Deep-wounded souls to thee repair, 731
Deeper than the depths beneath, 968
Deeply wailing, 493
Defend me from each threatening ill 290
Defends my soul when danger’s near 204
Defiled I am indeed 444
Defiled throughout by sin 444
Defiled throughout by sin, 1089
Deign to hear a sinner’s call 944
Dejected, and often complains, 334
Delay not, lest I lose my life. 835
Delicious drops, like balmy dews, 794
Delight to disobey 601
Delighted, we’ve heard its contents 460
Deliverance must I seek 314
Deliverance unto Zion send. 285
Delivered from the mercy-seat, 101
Deluded soul, be not secure 783
Deluged the world, and drowned his foes. 791
Demands more praise than tongue can give. 363
Depart from thee – ’tis death – ’tis more 927
Depend on him, thou canst not fail 882
Depend on his promise alone 220
Depend on living bread. 1129
Dependent on thy grace 700
Depressed at heart, and faint with fears, 801
Descend, celestial Dove, 792
Descend, descend, thou God of grace, 930
Descend from heaven, celestial Dove, 29
Descend from heaven, immortal Dove, 481
Descended from above, 715
Descending from above. 50
Descending from the realms above, 553
Descending from the skies. 914
Describe the form, the cause define, 791
Deserted? He was too. 787
Deserving nought but misery, 647
Desire in vain its depth to see 249
Desiring mercy for my sin, 1009
Despair assaults by night. 308
Despairing of favour – cold, lifeless, forlorn, 40
Despise your lot, your hope deride 257
Despised and crucified with thee, 1052
Despised the mention of his grace, 134
Despondency and doubt. 774
Destined to spread to every land 1147
Detach from sublunary joys 991
Detect, destroy what’s not thy own 974
Determined her heart he would win, 569
Determined to save, he watched o’er my path, 232
Determined to save me, he bore all my guilt 577
Determined was the manner how 61
Devils retreat when he appears 3
Devoted as it is to thee, 381
Devoted to thy praise. 434
Did all our miseries bear 486
Did all the powers of hell destroy. 211
Did almost with his latest breath 829
Did Christ expire upon the cross 929
Did Christ, my Lord, suffer, and shall I repine 232
Did e’er such love and sorrow meet, 439
Did ever mourner plead with thee, 967
Did ever trouble yet befall, 961
Did for man short sweetness breathe 802
Did I meet no trials here, 282
Did Jesus once upon me shine 339
Did not thy power defend it round, 1140
Did o’er his bosom roll, 167
Did on his bosom bear 922
Did them from all cursings set free, 183
Did with such willingness comply 34
Didst thou not hear and answer prayer 967
Didst thou the great example lead 429
Die to redeem us from the curse 837
Died, rose, ascended, intercedes. 815
Died to save my soul from hell. 583
Dies at the opening day. 1139
Diffuse thy alms about 880
Diffuse thy kind celestial dew, 1127
Direct his feet in paths of peace; 373
Direct us to the bleeding wounds 29
Directs our doubtful feet 42
Disarmed, the King of terrors fled, 467
Discern the love, and bear the pain. 304
Disciples who are taught 674
Disclose the heavenly mysteries, 1128
Discontented more or less, 147
Disgrace the Christian name! 1143
Disgraceful and forlorn 588
Disheartened with waiting so long, 293
Dismayed at every breath, 773
Dismayed, dejected, shocked, distressed. 712
Dismiss us with thy blessing, Lord, 457
Disordered all by sin 930
Dispatched from heaven an angel stood, 153
Dispel the darkness from our minds, 27
Dispel the gloom, and touch the string. 470
Dispelled my gloomy fears. 266
Dispense his favours as he will 75
Display the power of saving grace, 714
Display the wonders of his love, 696
Display their glories here. 5
Display thy matchless grace 696
Displayed through all the world abroad! 88
Displayed to rebels from above! 44
Displays the greatness of his power 513
Disputings only gender strife, 169
Dissatisfied for want of God, 279
Dissipate the clouds beneath. 1057
Dissolve my heart in thankfulness, 763
Dissolve these rocks call forth the stream, 734
Dissolved by thy goodness, I fall to the ground, 11
Distracting thoughts and cares remove, 454
Distressed at heart, he’ll tell his God 1089
Distressed on every side 308
Distressed, tormented, forlorn, 566
Distressful anguish fills my breast! 399
Distrust and self-wrought confidence 308
Distrust, presumption, artful guile, 733
Divides the sinners from the saints, 361
Divine compassion, mighty love, 1109
Divine decrees remain unmoved 82
Divinely fill this place. 367
Divinely rich and free, 527
Divinity back to his frame 159
Divinity’s indwelling rays 159
Divorce my soul from every sin, 989
Do I love the Lord, or no 283
Do I not find his healing voice, 1078
Do I not in thy word delight 1066
Do make me, Lord, a little child, 745
Do not believe, but think. 236
Do not I love thee, dearest Lord 1066
Do not I love thee from my soul 1066
Do not my suit deny 393
Do not rough tempers, proud and base, 900
Do not think thou canst be lost, 273
Do not thy lusts beset thee still, 900
Do not turn away thy face 376
Do our imperious lusts subdue, 26
Do saints repentance own 241
Do these charming words afford! 93
Do they perform his will 192
Do this, he cried, till time shall end, 1121
Do thou, dear Lord, thy face reveal 1035
Do thou defend my battered shield 835
Do thou direct our feeble hearts 774
Do thou in all thy grace appear, 739
Do thou my Sanctuary be. 173
Do thou my sins subdue 471
Do thou, my soul, to Calvary fly, 1089
Do thou, O God, surround me still 901
Do thou, O Lord, my faith increase, 44
Do thou the gracious harvest raise, 452
Do thou the manna give 1126
Do thou thy face reveal. 1027
Do vex and dishearten, Jehovah’s thy rest. 639
Do we not know that solemn word, 432
Do what we will, it haunts us still, 287
Does all our guilt remove. 1015
Does all thy children’s graces prove 289
Does bitter anguish fill thy heart, 1036
Does both grace and glory give. 69
Does conscience lay a guilty charge, 101
Does God’s election seem 222
Does in a manger lie. 38
Does it boast of love within 742
Does it feel a melting frame 742
Does it talk of faith, and boast 742
Does life, and time, and death command, 957
Does my weak courage raise 325
Does not, my brethren, yet appear. 681
Does not my heart thy precepts love, 402
Does not the gospel bring relief 1046
Does not the word still fixed remain, 967
Does not the workman’s power extend 75
Does not thy sacred word proclaim 238
Does not thy tender word express, 942
Does our Redeemer use 122
Does Satan tempt thee to give up, 1036
Does Satan tempt you to give up, 1028
Does Sinai’s thunder make thee start, 81
Does sorrow press thee down 909
Does still my table spread 139
Does the gospel-word proclaim 356
Does the word of God afford! 43
Does with her Beloved withdraw 334
Doleful, dark Gethsemane. 802
Domestics, serve your Lord 130
Dominions, thrones, and powers rejoice 476
Dost thou ask me who I am 376
Dost thou not dwell in all the saints, 24
Dost thou not long for Jesus’ rest 705
Doting on his golden store 43
Doubt not he will carry on, 780
Doubting, fearing, 1038
Dove-like meekness graced his visage 776
Down from Adam’s day to this. 543
Down from his shining throne on high 51
Down from the willows take 330
Down I’d fall at thy dear feet, 990
Down Immanuel’s lovely side 157
Down they sink to rise no more. 495
Down to the chambers of the grave, 486
Down to the deep and buried there 1141
Down to the gates of death, 602
Down to the shades of death 167
Drained every drop of vital blood. 153A
Drank of this soul-reviving stream, 1091
Draw forth patience, faith, and prayer 623
Draw me from all forbidden toil and care, 693
Draw me to his lovely breast 722
Draw my soul to thee, my Lord 389
Draw sinners unto Christ 888
Draw us, Lord, by thy sweet power, 640
Drawn by the eternal pen. 4
Drawn from Immanuel’s veins, 160
Draws my affections from afar. 482
Draws them to his tender breast 187
Dread no ills that can befall you, 428
Dream not of faith so clear 312
Dressed in his righteousness alone, 1106
Dressed in such feeble flesh as they. 20
Drew me near his gracious throne 583
Drink, and for ever bless his name, 996
Drink, and for ever live. 987
Drink endless pleasures in. 770
Drink, for he says, Whoever will. 996
Drink, for the fountain’s open still 996
Drive all my sad doubtings away 380
Drive away my gloomy fear, 722
Drive each rebellious, rival lust, 434
Drive each rival from the heart. 695
Drive the old dragon from his seat, 764
Drives all my fears away. 139
Drives all these thoughts away. 259
Drives doubt and discontent away, 323
Drop into his sea outright, 170
Drop my head into the dust 895
Drop the soft tribute of a tear, 824
Drop us down a pledge of peace 442
Dropping tears upon the grave, 741
Dry bones are raised and clothed afresh, 53
Dry doctrine cannot save us, 806
Duration and degree. 747
Dust and ashes is my name, 98
Dwell and reign within my breast. 767
Dwell only with the Lord. 1148
Dwell, therefore, in our hearts 27
Dwell thou sensibly in us 694
Dwells in him for ever. 574
Dwells on his dying lips,) Forgive! 47
Dying love her heart attracted. 741
Dying sinners, look and live. 876