Where’s Your Treasure?

Where’s Your Treasure? Where’s your treasure, fellow – traveler, That from which you would not part? Is it in your iron coffers? If it be, there is your heart. Is it in your dear relations? Is it in your house or land? Is it in your pleasant gardens? If it be, it will not stand. Is it in your finest […]

The Midnight Cry

“And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the Bridegroom cometh.” –Matthew 25:6 Art thou ready, watching, waiting, For the midnight cry? is there oil within thy vessel, And a full supply? Is thy lamp but dimly burning, Or with constant flame? Looking for the Lord’s returning, Trusting on His name? Art thou going forth in spirit, watching at […]

Oh That I Had Wings Like a Dove!

Oh, that I might fly away, To some spot of quite rest! As on the dove’s soaring wings No more by strife distressed! This howling tempest to leave, To a place where I might find A spot where tranquility Could ease this troubled mind! Might find some peaceful place Unmarred by malice or hate; Might find a blessed refuge there […]

Because He First Loved Us

Because the Father first loved us, He chose His own to be saved; Regeneration is not within man, For all mankind is depraved. It took a Perfect Sacrifice To cover the sin of His own, That God would send His Son in flesh; Here His wondrous love was shown. He opened our ears when they were deaf, To hear His […]

A Prayer for Sanctification

O Lord, send down Thy heavenly fire To burn away the dross. Cause us Thy glory to desire And count all else but loss. How vain it is for us to sing With no song in our heart, No song which causes heaven to ring Nor soothes our hidden smart. Our prayers how weak and false they are, How hindered […]

Heart Religion

HEART RELIGION. ‘ MIDST all the opinions, contentions, and strife, Concerning- repentance, salvation, and life, That ring from the pulpit and teem from the press, There’s one consolation, We are not left to guess. For Jesus assures us, in language quite plain, We cannot be saved unless born again. The works of a creature, howsoever he live, A fitness for […]


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