Because He First Loved Us

Because the Father first loved us,
He chose His own to be saved;
Regeneration is not within man,
For all mankind is depraved.

It took a Perfect Sacrifice
To cover the sin of His own,
That God would send His Son in flesh;
Here His wondrous love was shown.

He opened our ears when they were deaf,
To hear His sovereign call;
For natural man could not hear His Word,
Ever since the Garden fall.

It was by His grace He opened our eyes,
To let us know the Sovereign King;
Omnipotent, omniscient in every way,
Praise to His Name shall we bring.

He gave us new minds to understand,
All the truths of His Word;
To lead us, guide us, help us grow,
Feeding our souls each time it’s heard.

By His Spirit we live our lives,
To strengthen when storms of live come;
A comfort, security, assurance each day,
That we may stand till He calls us Home.

These gifts aren’t within our weak human hands,
For our flesh is nothing but dust;
They are given to His seed in His own time,
Because He first loved us.

Lynda Edwards

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