The Midnight Cry

“And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the Bridegroom cometh.” –Matthew 25:6

Art thou ready, watching, waiting,
For the midnight cry?
is there oil within thy vessel,
And a full supply?

Is thy lamp but dimly burning,
Or with constant flame?
Looking for the Lord’s returning,
Trusting on His name?

Art thou going forth in spirit,
watching at His feet?
Thou His kingdom shalt inherit,
Made to serve Him meet.

Then, although thy Bridegroom tarries,
And perchance thou sleep,
Wearied at His long delaying,
Constant watch to keep.

When the midnight cry ariseth,
Thou shalt hear His voice-
“Lo! your heavenly Bridegroom cometh!
All ye saints rejoice!”
For with Him in to the wedding
Ye anon shall pass:
Knowing well the heavenly watchword-
“Saved by sovereign grace!”

Leicester.    S.S.

(taken from ‘the sower’ 1885)

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