Oh That I Had Wings Like a Dove!

Oh, that I might fly away,
To some spot of quite rest!
As on the dove’s soaring wings
No more by strife distressed!

This howling tempest to leave,
To a place where I might find
A spot where tranquility
Could ease this troubled mind!

Might find some peaceful place
Unmarred by malice or hate;
Might find a blessed refuge there
Within Love’s open gate!

To leave all turmoil behind-
Here, sin and confusion reign!
Malice and hatred abound,
And souls are sold for gain!

There is no place on this earth,
For my weary soul to rest;
No spot where reigns love and peace;
For here, by sin oppressed.

I may not yet fly away;
I must remain here below,
But cast longing eyes above
While I’m waiting to go.

When my Father calls for me,
I’ll not need wings of a dove;
On His love I’ll soar away,
To rest in endless love!

Macena Berry


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