E’en down to old age, all my people shall prove 329
E’en now we are the sons of God. 531
E’en that from him we first receive, 448
E’en then shall this be all my plea 103
E’en then thy heart was fixed on me 216
E’en though released from guilt. 314
E’en to the upper skies. 1027
E’en when he hides his face! 85
E’er since, by faith, I saw the stream 160
Each another’s burdens bear 248
Each believer 600
Each bright order of the sky 490
Each can his brother’s failings hide, 1082
Each cheerful grace declines 962
Each chosen sinner’s case 206
Each Christian will approve 653
Each exactly suited. 104
Each for a thank-offering brings. 372
Each heart is known to thee. 677
Each heart, once hard as steel, 371
Each heart that pants to thee, 829
Each his tale in secret tells, 854
Each humble soul presents 359
Each idol tread beneath thy feet, 991
Each in an honest heart 455
Each in his due season. 315
Each joint is the care of the Lord, 635
Each moment watered by thy care, 939
Each note shall echo, Grace, free grace! 204
Each of us cry, with thankful tongues, 440
Each opening leaf, and every stroke, 4
Each part shall appear in its place, 635
Each perfection of Jehovah 600
Each pleasure has its poison too, 1064
Each seeming loss improves their gains 966
Each sight would sink me to despair. 740
Each singing, I am blest! 580
Each star that gilds the heavenly frame, 1151
Each sweet Ebenezer I have in review 232
Each taste redeeming love, 1129
Each to bear a brother’s load. 1014
Each to each unite, endear 248
Each traitor from thy throne. 434
Each trial we have viewed with fretful eye, 699
Each trouble comfort brings. 966
Each tumultuous storm defy 1102
Earnest asking all around her, 741
Earnest of immortal rest. 767
Earth and hell in vain combine 342
Earth and sin beset me round 284
Earth is a polluted spot, 616
Earth is too narrow to express 142
Earth’s fluttering joys impart 886
Earthly comforts, Lord, are vain 737
Earthy cavern, to thy keeping 463
Ease for the torment of the mind 57
Eat of the tree of life, my friends 363
Eat thy flesh and drink thy blood. 694
Eats his flesh and drinks his blood 864
Ebenezers shall be reared 501
Echo to our Saviour’s praise 913
Eden, from each flowery bed, 802
Effectual cleansing work was there, 189
Effectual his medicines, nor ever did miss. 548
Effectual to the promised end. 1130
Egypt and Tyre, and Greek and Jew, 360
Eight human souls, a little crew, 685
Election is a truth divine, 530
Election! ’tis a word divine 222
Elijah’s example declares, 276
Else he another choice had made, 692
Else I could not act this part. 301
Else my foolish heart will wander 1101
Else the next cloud that veils my skies 259
Else we had still refused to taste, 440
Else would my hopes for ever die, 1078
Embarrassed and by guilt oppressed 1036
Embrace a wretch so vile 429
Embroidered round with blood 843
Employ thee all thy days 550
Emptied of earth I fain would be, 991
Empty and bare, I come to thee 222
Empty, dark, and fleeting too 301
Empty of good, and full of ill, 740
Empty, polluted, dark, and vain, 386
Empty send me not away, 98
Encompassed with clouds of distress, 293
Encourage souls that on me wait, 810
Encouraged by his gracious word, 285
End of faith, as its beginning, 1053
Endangered or distressed, 947
Endeavoured with reason and wit, 628
Ending in eternal peace. 273
Endless blessings on him rest! 720
Endless blessings on the Lamb! 720
Endless blessings rest on thee! 720
Endless glory and renown. 535
Endless honours are thy due 857
Endless life with glory crowned. 932
Endless love he fixed upon us, 535
Endless love shall ever last 535
Enemies to all that’s good, 654
Enemies to God and goodness, 799
Enforced by mighty grace, 398
Enforces his word, enlivens our faith, 254
Engage this roving, treacherous heart 331
Engage to make me blest! 70
Engaged to save her by grace, 569
Engraved as in eternal brass, 14
Engraved on my heart does for ever remain 993
Enjoined us thus to do. 430
Enjoy salvation full and free. 696
Enjoy thy comforts evermore. 263
Enjoyed by all thy family, 643
Enjoying heavenly peace. 512
Enlarge, inflame, and fill his heart 373
Enlighten, enliven my heart, 380
Enlightened by thy heavenly ray, 26
Enmity to God’s right ways, 306
Enough, my gracious Lord, 345
Enraptured myriads sing! 995
Enrich the dry and barren ground. 875
Entangle, and I reel. 1029
Enter and fill this place 367
Enter the chamber of my breast 310
Enter the dismal grave 426
Enter thyself, and cast out sin 1076
Enter with all thy glorious train, 366
Enter with all thy train, 367
Entered on board his ark. 685
Enthroned above, with equal glow 441
Enthroned in glory now. 117
Enthroned with him above the skies 91
Enveloped in debt and distress 569
Envy and anger in my breast 314
Envy, and pride, and lust depart, 251
Ere life and hope for ever fly 977
Ere long a heavenly voice I heard, 134
Ere long he’ll change this gloomy scene. 1034
Ere seas or stars were made 1
Ere sin its baleful poison spread. 65
Ere sin was born, or Satan fell, 20
Ere the blue heavens were stretched abroad, 20
Ere time began, designed to be 113
Ere time began – ’tis your divine reward 497
Ere time its rapid course began 78
Ere we can offer our complaints, 1141
Ere we leave thy table, Lord, 442
Erect thy throne within my heart, 692
Erects his bloody cross. 308A
Erewhile I sit and sigh, 883
Errors of different kind 774
Eternal ages saw him shine 969
Eternal as thy days. 121
Eternal Father, Lord of all, 1128
Eternal Father, who shall look 19
Eternal favours he’d bestow 61
Eternal is his name 13
Eternal joys my own. 472
Eternal life, at his request, 117
Eternal life at once receive, 685
Eternal life by Christ is given, 984
Eternal life is theirs. 834
Eternal life thy words impart 927
Eternal life’s the gift of God 816
Eternal life’s the gift of God 817
Eternal mansions! bright array! 1081
Eternal misery 905
Eternal power performs the word, 83
Eternal praise to Christ our King. 65
Eternal praises be 35
Eternal Sire, by all adored 844
Eternal Source of joys divine, 1079
Eternal Spirit! heavenly Dove! 367
Eternal Spirit, we confess 26
Eternal thoughts of love to me. 732
Eternal victory thou shalt gain, 377
Eternal was the choice of God, 530
Eternal wisdom drew the plan 411
Eternal Wisdom has prepared 56
Eternal Wisdom ne’er designed 909
Eternal wrath to shun 585
Eternally the same. 339
Eternally the same. 1035
Eternally the same 855
Eternity, tremendous sound! 1085
Eternity will not erase, 340
Eternity, with all its years, 1
Eternity’s his dwelling-place, 2
Ever can in this way run. 543
Ever can my soul destroy 576
Ever flows their thirst to assuage 372
Ever for them interceding, 931
Ever full, and ever free! 170
Ever gracious, ever wise 64
Ever in thy Spirit live. 1071
Ever keeping this in mind, 609
Ever knocking at thy gate. 611
Ever on thy Captain calling, 270
Ever since the world began 154
Ever sinking, yet to swim 237
Everlasting peace restore 280
Every attribute of God, 594
Every blessing, great and small, 574
Every blessing, great or small, 179
Every blessing he can need, 574
Every burden to lay by 780
Every burdened soul release 1057
Every burdened soul relieve, 754
Every day brings something new, 616
Every evil let me flee 1058
Every eye shall now behold him, 493
Every foe for them to quell, 594
Every foe he will subdue 147
Every grace and every favour 180
Every hour my strength renew 379
Every island, sea, and mountain 493
Every knee to him shall bow. 972
Every man is vanity 301
Every member lives in him 626
Every moment be receiving 237
Every moment on thee call, 704
Every one, without exemption, 104
Every ordinance a blessing, 864
Every part and power unclean 654
Every part looked gay and green 1144
Every plant should droop and die. 1144
Every poor benighted heart. 1057
Every prop will, first or last, 742
Every providence a friend. 864
Every sinner 932
Every soul of man, by sinning, 69
Every soul that gains salvation 719
Every soul who would not die, 147
Every state, howe’er distressing, 864
Every stumbling-block remove 248
Every tempted, burdened son. 758
Every trial works for good 758
Every trifle give me pain, 283
Every virtue, every grace, 796
Every word should joy impart, 273
Every work that thou must do, 780
Every wound appears a river 689
Everything we do we sin in. 800
Exactly as I am! 119
Exalt his love, proclaim his name, 607
Exalt his love with one accord, 149
Exalt redeeming love 102
Exalt the Lamb of God, 59
Exalt the sovereign grace of God, 1094
Exalted at his Father’s side, 168
Exalted Prince of grace! 1099
Exalts the truth of God 234
Exceeding precious is my Lord 756
Exceeds a thousand days of mirth. 370
Exceeds all empty notion. 806
Except a Saviour’s brighter beams 470
Except a very few 559
Except his base and filthy rags, 590
Except I add my own. 774
Except in Jesus crucified, 32
Except the heart of man. 785
Except thy mercy make me whole. 838
Except ye do repent. 240
Exception none can boast 218
Exerts his short, expiring breath 815
Expand, my soul, arise and sing 65
Expect to find no balm 81
Expecting mercy from the Lord 897
Expects some favourable breeze 1049
Expects to prove that all is true 244
Expel the darkness of my mind, 733
Experience likewise tells us this 774
Exposed by sin to God’s just wrath, 181
Exposed to earth and heaven above, 797
Exposed to wrath divine. 533
Expressly, in one part, 774
Extend thy mercy, gracious God 835
Extend to every thought. 1148
Eye has not seen, nor ear has heard, 803A
Eyeing Jesus’ new command 258