Gainst their God, as hardly treated, 876
Gathered from all quarters 717
Gave all the various creatures birth, 358
Gave his own life away. 505
Gave them a throne which cannot move, 66
Gave us ears, and gave us eyes 416
Gave us faith in Christ, his Son. 654
Gaze and admire, and hate the change. 53
Gaze, ye Christians, gaze and wonder 560
Gazed unconcerned when nature failed, 153A
Gazed with wonder from the sky 776
Gazing on Gethsemane. 802
Gazing on thee evermore, 177
Gethsemane, the olive press! 153
Gifts like this, so full and free, 594
Gilds the whole scene with brighter rays, 5
Gird him with all-sufficient grace 373
Gird on thy mighty sword 35
Gird on thy sword, thou King of kings, 137
Gird on thy sword, victorious Prince, 126
Gird thy loins up, Christian soldier 270
Gird up your loins, and cease to mourn, 1090
Girded with truth, and full of grace, 365
Girt with thy strength at thy right hand 1140
Give but a flattering light 1064
Give cause of triumph to thy foes, 937
Give Christ the praise he broke thy heart, 889
Give each some token, Lord, for good, 821
Give every fettered soul release, 457
Give gladly to the poor, 880
Give glory to God, ye children of men, 869
Give glory to the Holy Ghost, 504
Give gracious hearts and opened eyes, 1128
Give him clear light, and burning love 450
Give him, my soul, thy cause to plead, 121
Give Him thy poor, weak, sinful heart 171
Give humility and love. 874
Give joys like those above. 933
Give me a calm, a thankful heart, 1010
Give me a precious glimpse of thy sweet face, 693
Give me both grace and glory too. 942
Give me Christ, or else I die. 737
Give me Christ, or else I die. 737
Give me Christ, or else I die. 737
Give me Christ, or else I die. 737
Give me Christ, or else I die. 737
Give me Christ, or else I die. 737
Give me light, and joy, and rest, 722
Give me, my God, to freely share 803A
Give me, O Lord, a place 359
Give me, O Lord, to prove 948
Give me of thy boundless grace, 874
Give me sweet simplicity 686
Give me that frame which thou lik’st best. 740
Give me the presence of thy grace, 1098
Give me the wings of faith to rise 477
Give me, through thy dying love, 390
Give me thy lowly mind, 948
Give me thy meek and lowly mind, 1019
Give me to find thy promised rest. 1070
Give me to read my pardon sealed, 692
Give me what thou givest such 874
Give no bad passion vent 219
Give our whole selves, O Lord, to thee. 1006
Give power and will, and then command, 783
Give solid joy and sacred love, 655
Give the knowledge of salvation, 1057
Give the pardon of our sins. 1057
Give the Saviour, without grudge, 843
Give them solid peace in thee. 594
Give to each a gracious measure 610
Give to the thirsty drink 852
Give us all a parting word, 442
Give us all the eye of faith. 272
Give us, blessed Jesus, give us, 697
Give us confidence undaunted, 463
Give us faith thy works to trace 560
Give us faith to view thee sighing, 656
Give us firmly to believe, 704
Give us fresh strength to wing our way 3
Give us grace to watch and pray 658
Give us his gospel and his grace, 808
Give us, if we live, ere long, 501
Give us now a sweet exemption 697
Give us that best of blessings, love, 792
Give us to lie, with humble hope, 27
Give, what I have long implored, 390
Give wisdom and strength from above, 319
Give wisdom to direct our way, 30
Give you strength and victory. 720
Given the painful, pleasant smart. 944
Gives conduct to fools, and courage to worms 129
Gives exercise to faith and love 394
Gives light and gladness in its room 399
Gives me faith the truth to wield. 43
Gives me his holy sword to wield 419
Gives sanction to his claim 117
Glad frames too often lift us up, 305
Glad my eyes, and warm my heart. 726
Glad they renounce their former pride, 978
Glad to leave our cumbrous clay, 461
Gladdened by the flowing treasure, 932
Gladly bear those sufferings too. 558
Gladly his command embracing 428
Gladly leaving all below 267
Gladly own salvation free, 918
Gladly yield my all to thee 277
Gloomy garden, on thy beds, 802
Gloomy, sad Gethsemane. 802
Gloomy sorrows still increasing, 1096
Glorious Captain of Salvation, 495
Glorious in his works and ways. 267
Glorious in holiness 854
Glorious things of thee are spoken, 372
Glory and eternal laud 788
Glory first to God be given 776
Glory in the highest height, 518
Glory is in them begun! 80
Glory to God alone 817
Glory to God, in all the angelic heights 703
Glory to God on high! 415
Glory to God on high! 820
Glory to God on high, 38
Glory to God on high, 38
Glory to God that reigns above, 505
Glory to God the Father be, 34
Glory to God the Father’s name, 505
Glory to God the Holy Ghost, 34
Glory to God the Son 506
Glory to God the Son be paid 505
Glory to God the Son, that he 34
Glory to God the Spirit give, 505
Glory to God, they ne’er shall rove 76
Glory to our God and King! 720
Glory to our God and King 657
Glory to our God be given 776
Glory to the bleeding Lamb! 93
Glory to the Eternal be, 503
Glory to the Lord on high. 518
Glory to the new-born King 36
Glory to the new-born King, 36
Glory to thee, great Son of God, 33
Glowed on the breastplate richly bright, 794
Go and find the royal stranger 776
Go forth, sweet Prince, triumphantly, 194
Go forth with one accord, 586
Go, humble swains, said he, 38
Go mourning all their days 24
Go on lo! here’s the way. 812
Go on, thou mighty God, 683
Go on to seek to know the Lord, 458
Go visit Christ, your King 38
Go, with the chains about thy neck, 892
Go worship at Immanuel’s feet 142
Go, ye that rest upon the law, 47
God accepts thee for thy tears 719
God Almighty and the Lamb. 491
God and man by him can 104
God and sinners reconciled! 36
God and sinners reconciled! 36
God bids us bring no price 831
God blest for evermore, 313
God blest for evermore. 803
God blest for evermore! 29
God can give, or we implore! 1073
God did love them in his Son 80
God dwells in them, and they in God 850
God, for murmuring to requite them, 876
God from everlasting be blest, and, again, 449
God from the grave has raised his Son 836
God has been merciful to me! 385
God has opened there a fountain, 932
God has slain them with his sword 1038
God has sworn, nor can he lie, 594
God hears and answers their desire 618
God helping me to say, 338
God himself the giver. 104
God himself the word has spoken, 600
God if over all thou art, 1077
God in his earthly temples lays 360
God in his Scriptures to reveal 814
God, in the person of his Son, 18
God is a Father, just and wise, 625
God is a high and holy God, 855
God is a Spirit, just and wise 596
God is his own interpreter, 320
God is holy in his nature 800
God is my everlasting King 3
God is my Strength, and I will sing 3
God is our Shield, and God our Sun 364
God is our Shield, he guards our way 370
God is our Sun, he makes our day 370
God is satisfied and pleased. 788
God is the refuge of his saints 1141
God is the same to endless years 981
God is their strength, and through the road 369
God knows we can do nothing well, 678
God loved the church, and gave his Son 55
God moves in a mysterious way 320
God of eternal love, 318
God, of his wrath repenting, swore 791
God of my life, thy gracious power 1016
God of my life, to thee I call 967
God of our salvation, hear us 1137
God of wisdom, love, and might, 971
God on his thirsty Zion-hill 269
God only knows the love of God 249
God, or King, or Priest, or Prophet, 180
God purifies the heart. 774
God sent his Son to die for us, 837
God shall alone the refuge be, 7
God that pitied sinners lost 503
God their salvation is. 605
God through the fight shall thee sustain, 377
God thus commanded Jacob’s seed, 358
God, thy own God, will lead thee home, 622
God to view in Christ the Lord 514
God was clearly justified. 789
God was love, and loved the men 584
God well knows, and God alone, 802
God, who must ever be 517
God will not always chide 1015
God will not give to ruin 806
God will not of his oath repent 82
God will pronounce the sinners just, 110
God will surely with me dwell 301
God with us by sacred ties. 145
God, you say, is good. ‘Tis true, 789
God’s care for those he once has loved. 82
God’s elect can never fail! 77
God’s election is the ground 77
God’s eternal love record. 641
God’s everlasting Son. 79
God’s goodness to declare, 634
God’s jewels of election-love 62
God’s mercy is for ever sure 13
God’s own foe may plague his sons 779
God’s promise and his oath, 607
God’s promise cannot fail 664
God’s promise is our stay 554
God’s pure seed remains within! 80
God’s righteous law is satisfied, 488
God’s righteous ways our carnal hearts despise, 699
God’s ways are just, his counsels wise 6
God’s wisdom would not pay for toys 803A
Gold in the furnace tried 872
Gomorrah in its crimes 1145
Good creeds may stock his head around, 744
Good doctrines can do me no good, 169
Good God, defend the dry! 312
Good God, forbid! inflame us with thy love, 703
Good God! what can a mortal do, 620
Good hope expects more good to know 242
Good hope is born of sovereign grace, 242
Good hope rides safely o’er the flood 242
Good hope sends out her fervent prayers, 242
Good hope shall all their power control, 242
Good hope, through grace, the saints possess, 242
Good manna leave for earthly trash 898
Good men there are but, be it known, 538
Good news of salvation, through Jesus the Lamb. 524
Good will to men, to angels joy, 38
Good will to men, to angels joy, 38
Good wings of faith and wings of love 49
Good works as legal ties 852
Goodness and wrath in vain combine 316
Goodness, immortal and divine, 554
Gospel repentance towards God 241
Grace all the work shall crown, 201
Grace and glory in thee shine 857
Grace and justice 514
Grace and mercy 982
Grace and providence unite 1096
Grace brings a sense of pardoned sin, 204
Grace did more than sin abound. 205
Grace first contrived a way 201
Grace first inscribed my name 201
Grace fits the new-born soul for heaven, 809
Grace has put me in the number 69
Grace her empire still maintains 145
Grace in Jesus’ fulness dwells, 1044
Grace is a firm but friendly hand, 224
Grace is a shoreless sea 413
Grace is free and all’s the Lamb’s. 1044
Grace is Jehovah’s sovereign will, 224
Grace is my shield, and Christ my song. 326
Grace is the never-ceasing spring 203
Grace, like a fountain, ever flows, 209
Grace, like an uncorrupted seed, 192
Grace must and will relieve 665
Grace must be free indeed! 219
Grace once received can ne’er be lost, 908
Grace reconciles to every loss, 204
Grace reigns to pardon crimson sins, 202
Grace shall at last the victory get, 981
Grace shall be our lovely theme 99
Grace shall beyond their sins abound 1092
Grace shall inspire our souls to sing, 203
Grace shall reign eternally. 766
Grace takes all my ruin and woe, 595
Grace taught my soul to pray, 201
Grace taught our friends to know 665
Grace taught their souls to sing 665
Grace taught them to commune 665
Grace, till the tribes redeemed by blood, 406
Grace! ’tis a charming sound, 201
Grace! ’tis a sweet, a charming theme! 18
Grace to heal thy foul backslidings, 913
Grace to pardon all my sin 303
Grace to restore thy soul, 87
Grace to save thee from thy fears 956
Grace, which, like the Lord, the giver, 372
Grace, wisdom, power, and righteousness 1006
Gracious God, thy children keep 706
Gracious Lord, incline thy ear 737
Gracious Redeemer, take, O take, 1050
Gracious Saviour, 496
Gracious Saviour, never leave me, 1119
Gracious Spirit, Dove divine, 767
Gracious Spirit, make me heedful 573
Grant me the visits of thy face, 186
Grant me thy Divine direction 1119
Grant these requests, I ask no more, 692
Grant us, Lord, a gracious rain! 1144
Grappling with the powers of darkness, 1118
Grateful hearts his love to prize 180
Graved on his hands divinely fair, 413
Great All in All, eternal King! 480
Great and small, since the fall, 799
Great are the graces he confers, 32
Great as he is, I dare be free 960
Great Comforter! descend and bring 24
Great Father of glory, how rich is thy grace! 243
Great Father of mercies, thy goodness I own, 11
Great God, and shall thy remnant cry 1145
Great God! and why is Britain spared 1143
Great God, are in thy hand 1110
Great God! attend, while Zion sings 370
Great God! before thy throne 499
Great God, do thou my spirit cheer 926
Great God, forbid the thought! 601
Great God! from thee there’s nought concealed, 119
Great God, how deep thy counsels lie 757
Great God! how infinite art thou! 1
Great God! how infinite art thou! 1
Great God, if once compared with thine, 1148
Great God! if thou shouldst bring me near, 163
Great God, in whom we live, 847
Great God! my Maker and my King, 8
Great God of Hosts, deliverance bring 808
Great God of order, truth, and grace, 1153
Great God! prepare each heart and voice 171
Great God! there’s nothing new! 1
Great God, Three-One, again we call, 862
Great God! thy glory and thy love 367
Great God! thy kingdom come, 683
Great God! thy nature has no bound, 761
Great God, to talk to thee 156
Great God! to thee I’ll make 947
Great God, to thee we come, 700
Great God! whose universal power 646
Great Head of influence divine, 1154
Great High Priest, we view thee stooping 237A
Great his glory! 982
Great in his anger, God arose, 791
Great is his love to me, 559
Great lengths of ground by day 308
Great or good, whate’er we call, 180
Great Prophet of my God, 122
Great Protector! 349
Great Rock, for weary sinners made, 924
Great Rock of my secure abode 419
Great Shepherd of thine Israel, 1140
Great sovereign Lord, what human eye 1151
Great Spring of comfort, life, and light 1078
Great Sun of righteousness, arise, 1147
Great things we are not here to crave 807
Greater is thy danger. 799
Greater riches than this earth 616
Greater than the sinful heart 1077
Greatest sinners, greatly spared, 874
Grief him covered like a grave, 658
Griefs and sorrows, sins and cares 1096
Groaned and bled for worms below. 920
Groaned, and bled to set me free. 759
Groaned, bled, and died for you. 861
Groaning, gasping, dying! 780
Groaning on the ground he lies 170
Grovelling in Gethsemane. 802
Grow most rank and bitter weeds 802
Grow weary of his saints 269
Grow weary, or decay 327
Growing wanton when full fed. 301
Grows in rich Gethsemane. 802
Guard me round on every side 767
Guard me through life, and let my end 341
Guard us from a world of sin 706
Guarded by his almighty hand. 960
Guardian of thy helpless sheep, 865
Guide a poor pilgrim safely on 945
Guide, and Counsellor, and Friend 746
Guide me all the desert through 347
Guide me, O thou great Jehovah! 462
Guide me safe to Zion’s land. 1111
Guide, O guide me by thy Spirit 641
Guide those that hold the helm 808
Guide us down to death, and there 515
Guide us into perfect peace. 1057
Guide us, Jesus 208
Guide us safely by thy word 827
Guided by grace, shall walk his ways, 832
Guides cry, Lo here! Lo there! 308
Guilt broke his guiltless heart 445
Guilt from the troubled heart remove, 1132
Guiltless, since for me he died 116
Guilty before the Lord. 111
Guilty, but with heart relenting, 1068
Guilty thoughts, like ghosts, pursuing, 495
Gush from the sinner’s eyes. 1099