Made an appearance so divine. 365
Made by the great Three-One, 757
Made him love Gethsemane. 802
Made light of all thy bitter smart 860
Made like him, like him we rise 485
Made me meet for glory too, 542
Made to salvation wise. 412
Made unto salvation wise, 918
Made us kings and priests to God 857
Made valleys sink and mountains rise 88
Magnify his awful name! 493
Magnify the Saviour’s name. 695
Maintain our fainting breath, 437
Maintain the honour of his word, 54
Make all thy wants and wishes known 882
Make and keep me pure within. 303
Make each other’s cause our own 609
Make every blessing sure 87
Make every eye a sluice 734
Make haste, O God, make haste. 251
Make haste to gird my armour on, 271
Make him from his purpose start. 623
Make him humble, wise and fervent, 694
Make Him thy refuge in distress 171
Make it with God’s praises swell 702
Make Jesus all thy peace, 253
Make known God’s great salvation. 806
Make known thy grace to us 850
Make me lean upon thy breast. 1101
Make me like a little child, 686
Make me love thy precious word! 389
Make me poor, and keep me low, 686
Make me, Saviour, make me feel 990
Make me strong and steadfast too 611
Make me to walk in thy commands 1003
Make me willing to be clean 1077
Make me willing to receive 1077
Make my drooping soul rejoice 400
Make my evidences clear 963
Make my poor trembling soul thy care 384
Make of brass a serpent like them 876
Make one in this assembly, Lord, 1132
Make our best spices flow abroad, 363
Make our love to thee and thine 609
Make our souls thy habitation 1073
Make Satan and his hellish powers to flee, 693
Make some haughty rebel bend 515
Make the blessings of free grace 695
Make the heavens with echoes ring. 495
Make the whole conscience clean, 28
Make thee a new creature. 780
Make their own powers and passions clean 57
Make them able, faithful, fervent 864
Make them closer cling to Christ, 623
Make them prize the Saviour’s blood 623
Make them to those fountains go, 768
Make thy matchless wonders known. 641
Make thy mighty wonders known 704
Make thy worst condition known 270
Make up the breach ‘twixt God and man 814
Make us as a watered garden! 753
Make us cry to thee our Friend, 640
Make us faithful unto death. 704
Make us feel the plague within 758
Make us humble and sincere 695
Make us kind and tender-hearted 258
Make us more resemble thee. 857
Make us of one heart and mind, 248
Make us prevalent in prayers 1144
Make us start aside or flee 615
Make us walk as children here. 205
Make us well our vileness know 706
Makes all their thoughts and acts so good, 774
Makes e’en the captive’s portion sweet 1021
Makes every sorrow work for good. 992
Makes glad the city of our God. 996
Makes godly sorrow rise 1099
Makes great obstructions small 792
Makes living springs of grace arise, 33
Makes me in Christ my Lord rejoice, 951
Makes me strong in Christ my Lord. 43
Makes mercy sweet, salvation great, 832
Makes Satan abhorred and Jesus beloved 254
Makes the spirit languish. 306
Makes thee his blest abode, 362
Makes them kings and priests to God 372
Makes us follow his directions, 180
Making all around look gay 932
Malice, envy, lust, and pride, 306
Man, bewail thy situation 799
Man braved the patient power of heaven, 791
Man first gave thee power to ruin 491
Man has by nature none 805
Man his life has forfeited, 179
Man may trouble and distress us, 971
Man, too, takes that power away. 491
Man viewed unmoved thy blood’s rich stream, 153A
Man wrought sin, and sin wrought death 802
Manifest thy love to me 990
Many changes I have seen 376
Many days have passed since then 376
Many hands were raised to wound him, 1116
Many sore temptations met, 802
Many they that me oppose 347
Many woes had he endured, 802
March to the gates of endless joy, 1007
Mark the sacrifice appointed! 1116
Marks of grace I cannot show 356
Mars God’s fair creation. 799
Mary, the wondrous virgin, bears, 38
Mary’s first-born was God and man in one 703
Matchless grace has set us free. 694
Matchless in his grace and power 657
Matchless Jesus! may we be 626
Matchless love their bosoms firing, 918
Matchless mercy, love divine. 857
Matchless Saviour! let us view thee 610
Matter eternity to fill 261
Matured the swelling grain 1152
May all believers pray the same. 790
May all each other’s burdens bear 512
May all I act, or think, or speak, 105
May all my Saviour’s love and smart, 148
May all thy children prove 1129
May all true mourners feel 1129
May appear to take thy part 270
May be to me and for my good. 736
May both be fired with one concern 1153
May burdened sinners lose their load, 508
May but this grace my soul renew, 53
May call up tears in every eye, 786
May Christ be first, and Christ be last, 508
May come and take his fill 684
May double portions of thy grace, 1155
May doubting souls believe today 508
May each one feel himself at home, 661
May each one wrestle too 677
May each the other kindly help 1153
May each, with strength from heaven endued, 818
May ever rest on me 613
May every heart with rapture say, 418
May every saint with joy abound, 367
May every worldly care 1129
May faith and patience hold us fast 808
May faith be strong, and pierce the skies, 643
May feel the effects of Jesus’ death, 29
May God’s eternal love and grace 508
May gospel-blessings spread around, 508
May grace not only live and reign, 621
May grace triumphant reign, 683
May growing numbers worship here, 1114
May he declare delightful things, 450
May he help thee to believe 273
May he his good Spirit bestow, 250
May he teach me to resign. 277
May he teach us to fulfil 1138
May he that sings or reads 817
May hence for hope have ground 775
May his grace in me abound 735
May I be found a living stone, 215
May I but safely reach my home, 474
May I ever here confide, 558
May I from every sin, 1059
May I redeeming grace enjoy. 755
May I sit for ever viewing 158
May I still enjoy this feeling, 158
May I the better world obtain 386
May I thy house below resort, 216
May I thy praises daily show, 195
May I with sweet assurance claim 1083
May I with this be satisfied, 247
May it be our blessed case, 645
May it not in measure 780
May Jesus Christ disclose 891
May lambs recruit his fold below. 374
May live like one that’s born of God. 195
May love and harmony 683
May love in equal ardour glow. 755
May mercy, truth, and peace, 683
May my soul be sweetly filled, 641
May my soul his name record 514
May not a sinner trust in thee 761
May not the sovereign Lord on high 75
May our lamps be always burning, 1063
May our souls be sweetly led 563
May peace attend thy gate, 362
May plough and sow, and weed his plot, 178
May say, Those lively colours shine 791
May seem to frown the while 467
May sinful sweets be all forgot, 435
May the eternal Three-in-One 683
May the fruits of thy salvation 461
May the grace of Christ, our Saviour, 500
May the grace thou hast imparted, 258
May the power that brings salvation, 1133
May they live to thee alone. 1136
May this be a much-favoured hour 451
May this my blest experience be 979
May this name be all my choice 558
May this thought our courage raise 496
May those mercies ever last 1150
May thousands more thy name confess, 1154
May thy presence 461
May to these waters go. 684
May trials well endure, 79
May venture to hope and rejoice 595
May vex and tease the soul 604
May watchmen, taught of God, 696
May we all in Jesus live, 1136
May we all, remembering this, 717
May we all, with faith and patience, 463
May we attention give,) 193
May we be to death resigned 515
May we by sweet experience know 86
May we cleave unto him 574
May we ever 615
May we ever be ambitious 697
May we feel thy power within. 697
May we for ever trust 274
May we gaze upon the furrows 563
May we give them, Lord, to thee 1135
May we hear it, nothing fearing, 1137
May we in all his footsteps move 955
May we in faith receive thy word, 398
May we in glory see, 35
May we in thy ways delight. 658
May we keep a constant guard. 788
May we love thee, 656
May we mourn with those that mourn 609
May we mutually agree, 695
May we never, 651
May we never more forget thee 208
May we never rest, or glory 563
May we not trust and live upon 1146
May we nothing know beside 704
May we now thy nature know 258
May we oft thy glory see 563
May we possess thy fear, 700
May we ready, 461
May we receive the word we hear, 455
May we run, nor weary be 1135
May we seek each other’s good 609
May we the privilege highly prize, 1001
May we thy calmer comforts find, 30
May we thy wonders tell, 517
May we view thee, 560
May we watch while others sleep. 1063
May we with profit hear 1129
May we with reverence look so high 387
May with the Lord compare. 126
Me and Jesus to disjoin. 342
Me, me thou hast loved, and for me thou hast died. 197
Me thou hast forgiven much 874
Me to save for evermore. 576
Me with Jesus’ mind inspire 767
Meantime, that foe can’t boast of much, 782
Meet, and never sunder. 104
Meet at my table, and record 1121
Meet it is for saints to give. 931
Meet to recount his acts of grace, 453
Meeting at last around the throne, 1153
Meets and shines in Jesus’ face 600
Melt each stubborn heart before thee 272
Melt in love, O Lord, to thee. 1117
Melt in sympathetic tears. 746
Melt it in Gethsemane. 802
Melt me with celestial fire. 767
Melt our hearts with love like thine, 823
Melted the rest away. 1126
Men and angels, sound his fame! 982
Men of one heart, and in one mind, 1154
Men readily will own 855
Men whose hearts admit not fear, 854
Men’s actions with their minds will suit 851
Mercies which all my praise excel 410
Mercy and judgment sing, 571
Mercy and Justice are the names 110
Mercy and justice here agree, 559
Mercy and love are written there. 96
Mercy and love, from Jesus felt, 814
Mercy and truth and righteousness, 567
Mercy cried, Spare and Justice, Slay. 837
Mercy, eternal mercy, cries. 96
Mercy flows through him alone. 1055
Mercy for his sake implore, 895
Mercy from his bosom flows, 574
Mercy, good Lord, mercy I ask 1009
Mercy heard and set him free 376
Mercy is above the skies, 391
Mercy is welcome news indeed 218
Mercy joined with power 780
Mercy may justly claim 833
Mercy never can be bought 1044
Mercy speaks by Jesus’ blood 534
Mercy, such as thou wilt give 895
Mercy that triumphs over guilt, 814
Mercy through a Saviour’s blood 1133
Mercy, through blood, I make my plea 385
Mercy’s full power I then shall prove, 96
Mercy’s streams in streams of blood 158
Mere mortal power shall fade and die, 327
Merits everlasting pain 69
Methinks I hear my Saviour say, 999
Midst all his vast concerns, 659
Midst all my dejection, dear Lord, I can trace 262
Midst all my fear, and sin, and woe, 339
Midst all my sins and woes. 962
Midst all the dangers that await 945
Midst all the rage of hell 1032
Midst flaming worlds, in these arrayed, 103
Midst friends and foes his goodness sing, 541
Midst shouts of loftiest praise. 51
Midst sins, and woes, and fear, 700
Midst storms and distresses, my soul shall rely 1104
Midst the celestial throng. 191
Midst the waves O bear me up 1111
Midst thy coldness, doubts, and death, 853
Midst worlds in a blaze, and wrath streaming forth, 568
Might I not with reason fear 282
Might more of his salvation know, 295
Might plead thy gracious name. 388
Mighty enemies without, 795
Mighty in redeeming love. 90
Mighty is my guilt’s increase, 391
Mighty King, thy power display, 658
Mighty let thy gospel be, 1136
Mighty to save! he saves from death 592
Mighty to save! he saves from hell 592
Mighty to save is Christ the Lamb 592
Mighty to save! let Zion sing 592
Mighty to save! nor all sin’s power 592
Mighty vengeance, like a flood, 658
Mild he lays his glory by, 36
Millions of tongues shall sound thy praise 317
Millions will unto mountains call, 666
Mine is an unchanging love, 968
Mine it is, if thou art mine. 988
Mine’s a paradox too hard 874
Mine’s an urgent, pressing case. 376
Mistaken men may brawl 353
Mocked, spit upon, and crowned with thorn, 785
Moisten all the weary ground. 284
Molested with foes on each side, 246
Monstrous ingratitude I own, 860
Monuments of grace divine 656
More and more in thee rejoice 1071
More and more thyself display, 726
More beastly far than swine 533
More blessings than we can conceive 627
More confidence in thee 679
More dull than dirt and earth by far, 153A
More frequent let thy visits be, 251
More full of grace than I of sin 1060
More grapes from Eshcol may I bring, 216
More happy, but not more secure, 340
More holiness to feel. 16
More lasting and more bright. 84
More likely to rob than to feed, 276
More of thy image let me bear 692
More of thy presence, Lord, impart, 692
More of thy purity bestow 1076
More precious than rubies by far 628
More precious than their daily food 174
More precious than their vital blood. 174
More sweet than we can tell. 81
More than conquerors, Lord, through thee 645
More than men or angels know. 1044
More than they can express. 395
More than thyself I cannot crave, 940
Mortal tongues far short must fall 1055
Mortals, give thanks and sing, 127
Mortals with joy behold his face, 20
Moses a faithful servant stood, 50
Moses prayed he answer gave: 876
Most firmly united to thy living Vine. 906
Most holy God, to thee! 119
Mount of God’s unchanging love. 199
Mourning saint, whose heart is broken, 1038
Mourning souls, by sin distressed, 157
Mourning souls, dry up your tears 90
Mourning souls who feel the smart 594
Moved by the powerful love of God, 425
Moved with tenderest compassion, 976
Moveless and firm this heart shall lie 166
Much better what we ought to do 807
Much harder than the hardest stone 734
Much his madman or his fool 147
Much humility and love. 874
Much mightier within, 795
Much pains to make them mad 775
Much patience on his friends, 300
Much sooner than God promised it 628
Much we talk of Jesus’ blood 154
Murmuring oft for gospel-bread, 301
Must and shall be born again. 719
Must and shall in God delight. 600
Must be beloved, and yet adored 21
Must be brought, lacking nought, 800
Must be surely best for me. 277
Must disgorge their ransomed prey 491
Must e’er be had afresh 1126
Must eternally be blest 626
Must ever be the same. 261
Must every fair pretension leave, 708
Must fix this firm and sure, 305
Must give them to the poor. 218
Must in those crowns appear, 803
Must keep it firm in faith. 786
Must mingle colours not her own. 142
Must needs be rich indeed. 803A
Must not think to be caressed 615
Must not, would not if he might. 282
Must now create him new again, 905
Must quickly fall to worms a prey, 469
Must reign from pole to pole. 646
Must Sarah send her free-born son. 522
Must the heirs of endless bliss 616
Must they of the prize despair 645
Must trust to Christ for all. 809
Must we then all hope resign 1045
My absent, present, precious Friend! 1035
My Advocate appears 122
My All in all, I pray. 940
My all is bound up in the Lamb 748
My all is in thy storehouse found. 674
My all is nothing worth. 959
My all is sin and misery. 98
My anchor holds within the veil. 1106
My anchor, hope, shall firm abide, 294
My anchor, hope, shall firm remain, 96
My Author and my End. 1061
My base backslidings kindly heal, 942
My base ingratitude I mourn, 1034
My baseness I deplore 860
My beauty are, my glorious dress 103
My best Beloved keeps his throne 22
My best desires are faint and few 281
My best is stained and dyed with sin 959
My best, my only Friend. 247
My better part from Jesus win. 621
My blood was the price my sheep cost 220
My body and my blood receive, 818
My body’s weak, my heart’s unclean 838
My bosom was designed to be 903
My boundless, ineffable joy. 246
My breaches of the law are his, 119
My brethren, must be ours. 312
My brethren, reflect on what we have been, 778
My brethren, then we’re right. 786
My brethren, ’tis our Father’s will, 219
My brethren, why these anxious fears, 807
My burdened soul can take no rest. 285
My business lies at Jesus’ gate, 743
My Captain leads me forth 122
My Captain sounds the alarm of war 271
My case bemoan, my wants reveal, 947
My cheerful songs are turned to sighs 1046
My cheerful voice to songs of praise. 401
My chief pursuit, my ardent prayer, 1085
My choicest comforts come from thee, 1110
My comfort to destroy, 552
My comfort to restore 940
My compass is thy word 294
My Conqueror and my King, 122
My conscience felt and owned the guilt, 1025
My crimes are great, but don’t surpass 761
My cup with blessings overflows 139
My daily wants thou canst supply, 886
My darkened mind, I daily find, 378
My darling sins in secret hugged, 189
My dawning is begun 1011
My dead foes rise with dreadful power, 336
My dear, almighty Lord, 122
My dear Redeemer, purge this dross 304
My debt of suffering paid. 472
My doleful tale I tell to thee 875
My doubts subside, my fears remove, 251
My dreadful sins appeared, 163
My drooping soul canst cheer, 947
My dust he will raise, and glory he’ll give 321
My earthly joys are from me torn, 289
My everlasting All, 186
My every need he richly will supply 667
My expectation is from God 630
My eyes are sweetly drowned in tears, 268
My eyes refuse to lend a tear 299
My eyes with joy and wonder see 122
My fainting hope relies. 136
My faith, my patience, and my love 473
My faith, though weak, can never fail, 230
My faith would lay her hand 125
My fallen spirit to restore 1060
My fate with curious eyes 4
My Father’s hand prepares the cup, 70
My Father’s house abounds with bread. 590
My fearful heart he reads 70
My fears sometimes say I never shall find, 321
My feeble arms I’d twine. 939
My feeble efforts aid 1051
My feeble soul secure 214
My feet made haste to hell 732
My Fellow, from the skies 559
My fickle, feeble soul, alas! 182
My filth and folly both. 775
My filthiness I loathe 775
My flesh shall slumber in the ground, 473
My flesh the law of sin. 811
My foes be all defeated, 483
My foes subdue, my fears dispel 947
My foolish heart would then reply, 300
My foolishness I hate 775
My former pride I call my shame, 112
My fresh springs of hope, and faith, 801
My Friend and my Portion, my Head and my All 520
My friends devoutly say, 361
My froward heart is in thy hand, 883
My full receipt should there be showed, 163
My glad Ebenezer set up, 346
My glorious Redeemer! I long 246
My God, contracted to a span for me. 703
My God, I ask no more. 1086
My God, I would not long to see 4
My God, if thou art mine indeed, 957
My God is reconciled to me. 791
My God is returned to glory on high 41
My God, my Creator, the heavens did bow, 41
My God, my Father, and my Friend. 736
My God, my Father, blissful name! 1083
My God, my Heaven, my All. 474
My God, my Life, my Love, 185
My God, my Portion, and my Living Bread 667
My God, my Portion, and my Love, 186
My God, my Redeemer, is mine! 246
My God shall live an endless day 2
My God, the spring of all my joys, 1011
My God their counsels overthrows, 108
My God, when I reflect 775
My grace all-sufficient shall be thy supply 329
My gracious God, take what thou please, 261
My gracious Redeemer I love 246
My great commands he shall fulfil, 572
My grief, my burden long has been, 144
My griefs and sorrows known 947
My groaning, gasping God! 156
My guardian and my guide. 1051
My guilt and sin have stopped my mouth 675
My guilt appeared but small before, 46
My guilty conscience seeks 122
My guilty soul for mercy cries 238
My guilty wounds may Jesus heal, 894
My harp is on the willows hung, 299
My harp on yonder willow lies, 1046
My heart (no better than before) 1017
My heart, a most degenerate root, 671
My heart and tongue employ. 936
My heart by nature is a stone, 905
My heart can on this promise live 345
My heart from every sin release 1019
My heart grows warm with holy fire, 264
My heart has known and felt 189
My heart is all on flame 268
My heart is hard I’m such a wretch – 676
My heart is pained, nor can it be 1075
My heart misgives me oft, 947
My heart obscene, my nature foul. 313
My heart reveals its dross and dung, 299
My heart shall feel thy love, and raise 401
My heart, too, after idols sought, 898
My heart with loads of guilt oppressed, 733
My heart within me dies, 140
My heavenly Father’s will. 664
My heavenly intercourse increase, 901
My heedless feet surprise. 335
My help must come from thee. 278
My helpless soul defend, 739
My hold of thy promise to keep, 293
My hope from beginning to end, 1149
My hope is built on nothing less 1106
My hope, my all is fixed on thee, 1087
My hope, my heaven, my all in thee. 941
My hope, my joy begins 1095
My hope, my only hope’s in thee 385
My hope, my trust, my life, my Lord, 1079
My hopes and fears alternate rise, 289
My hopes are placed above the skies 482
My hopes of heaven were firm and bright, 46
My idols all depart 268
My inward peace they cannot wound, 1083
My Jesus, and my all. 764
My Jesus, and my God! 1095
My Jesus does maintain my cup, 511
My Jesus has all things done well, 581
My Jesus has done all things well. 410
My Jesus has done all things well. 410
My Jesus has done all things well. 410
My Jesus has done all things well. 410
My Jesus has done all things well. 410
My Jesus has done all things well. 410
My Jesus has done all things well. 410
My Jesus has done all things well. 410
My Jesus, has suffered for me! 319
My Jesus makes a way 511
My Jesus, my Saviour, my King. 246
My Jesus’s love the battle shall win 229
My joy everlastingly flows 246
My labour brought bondage and pain 628
My legal self may Jesus kill, 894
My leprous soul is all unclean, 313
My life and death attend 1010
My life, and my strength, and my store 1149
My life from the dead, the death of my sins 521
My life I’d from thy sap derive, 939
My life is all a dream 884
My life is bound up in the Lamb, 745
My life, my light, my Saviour, God 1081
My life, my treasure, and my trust 1078
My life with Christ in God is hid, 604
My life’s minutest circumstance 70
My light and glory too. 546
My light, my strength, my joy, my bliss 567
My lips proclaim thy praise. 733
My lips with shame my sins confess, 761
My load of guilt remove 1098
My Lord himself withdraws, 299
My Lord, my Hope, my Trust 354
My Lord, my Life, my Head, 550
My Lord, my Life, my Hope, my All 173
My loss of freedom mourn 288
My love and mercy to repeat, 1132
My Maker, hear me when I cry, 905
My malady to heal! 729
My memory bad, but what is sad, 378
My mountain disappears 336
My mourning to a song. 189
My mouth with these if conscience cram, 153
My musings all day long, 169
My name from the palms of his hands 340
My nature unholy was tainted in birth, 907
My never-failing treasury, filled 135
My night of woe was like a dream 923
My offence was reckoned his 116
My only inheritance sin, 319
My only refuge is thy grace 1004
My only sovereign be 1067
My only trust is in thy blood, 928
My pardon sealed, and peace with God. 1085
My pardon speak, thy peace impart 1065
My Pattern, and my Guide 122
My peace at his command 178
My person and offerings to bring. 340
My poor mind was burdened with sin, 565
My portion and my all 886
My portion is the Lamb. 801
My portion, my Lord, and my All. 1149
My poverty and pride 904
My praise shall climb to his abode 969
My present militant estate 945
My priests, my ministers shall shine 365
My promise I’ll fulfil. 1032
My promise, my truth, are they light in thy eyes 993
My promised grace receive 388
My quivering lips should sing, 464
My rags and wounds my wants proclaim, 743
My rags are gone, and I am dressed 580
My raptured soul will rise, 268
My Refuge, my Almighty Friend 927
My reigning sins subdue 764
My requests vouchsafe to hear 737
My rescued soul shall sing, 469
My richest gain I count but loss, 439
My road is safe and pleasant too. 960
My Rock and Refuge, would I flee 285
My Saviour and my Friend 552
My Saviour and my King. 94
My Saviour and my shield 325
My Saviour from sin and from thrall 1149
My Saviour gasped), forgive! 390
My Saviour has bestowed! 292
My Saviour’s obedience and blood 340
My sheep, by my Father elect, 183
My shelter and my shade! 140
My Shepherd, and my God 567
My Shepherd, my Husband, my Friend, 1149
My Shepherd will supply my need 139
My shield and hiding-place 135
My Shield’s a match for all their power, 547
My shoulder frets beneath the yoke. 883
My shoulders will not bear the load 905
My simple heart then fondly dreams, 336
My sins and sorrows too. 209
My sins are all drowned in his blood 162
My sins are swallowed up in thee! 96
My sins just like a flood, 1156
My sins lie heavily 1065
My sins, O how black they appear, 162
My sins on Jesus laid 472
My sins revived again 46
My sins to crush, my fears to quell, 1091
My slippery footsteps fast. 94
My son, give me thy heart 1032
My song shall bless the Lord of all 969
My sores it heals, my rags it hides, 115
My sorrow and complaint 676
My sorrow thou canst see, 673
My soul approves them well 345
My soul, ask what thou wilt, 395
My soul believes we ne’er shall part. 214
My soul beneath thy shade would lie, 924
My soul can ne’er be lost. 354
My soul cleaveth to the dust 1068
My soul each storm defies, 294
My soul for his salvation waits 513
My soul from all iniquity. 98
My soul from the confines of hell, 246
My soul has known by guilt. 189
My soul has quelled a thousand foes, 338
My soul in confidence shall rise, 1072
My soul in mercy upward raise, 671
My soul in pastures green to feed 175
My soul in praise would soar above 941
My soul in trouble flies to thee. 1043
My soul into thy arms I cast 339
My soul is both happy and free. 162
My soul is filled with sad dismay 962
My soul is in my ears 268
My soul is redeemed salvation is won! 41
My soul is then sincere 251
My soul lies cleaving to the dust 402
My soul looks back to see 125
My soul, Lord, inflame with zeal from above, 321
My soul, my all resign! 507
My soul, no more attempt to draw 48
My soul, now arise, my passions, take wing 322
My soul obeys the almighty call, 764
My soul of its glories shall sing 523
My soul, rejoice and sing 550
My soul, repeat his praise, 1015
My soul shall ever love thee well. 362
My soul shall glow with gratitude, 733
My soul shall pray for Zion still, 361
My soul shall sing salvation full and free. 668
My soul shall speak well of his name 581
My soul shall with wonder proclaim 628
My soul should awake in harmonious lays, 414
My soul stand trembling while she sings 4
My soul still hangs her hopes on thee 290
My soul still pants for thee 934
My soul, take courage from the Lord 377
My soul, then, rejoice let Christ be thy song 521
My soul, this curious house of clay, 469
My soul, thou hast, let what will ail, 13
My soul through many changes goes 339
My soul, thy sails expand, 294
My soul, thy Saviour laud, 487
My soul to Christ, the living Vine! 142
My soul to hell would send. 163
My soul to keep, my heart to cheer. 945
My soul to thee alone 1059
My soul to this dear refuge flies 83
My soul was blessed and cheered. 923
My soul, what canst thou give 959
My soul, where canst thou find supplies 1036
My soul with holy wonder views 580
My soul, with joy attend, 345
My soul, with various tempests tossed, 289
My soul would leave this heavy clay, 1011
My soul’s cast down within me, Lord, 384
My soul’s eternal food 1064
My soul’s new creation, alive from the dead 408
My soul’s new heavenly birth began 195
My sovereign, eternal, unchangeable love 329
My spirit longs for thy embrace! 732
My spirit mourns, with sorrow fed 910
My spirit rejoices the work it is done! 41
My spirit seemed the Lord to dare, 1017
My spirit’s inmost poverty. 748
My stony heart does move 951
My strength and portion too 519
My strength decays, my spirits droop 838
My strength is at thy feet to lie. 991
My strength is wholly thine 939
My strong, my only plea, 288
My struggling spirit free 391
My stubborn will opposes still 378
My Sun no change can know 546
My Sun shall not depart. 546
My supplication, Lord, is this, 736
My Surety paid the dreadful debt. 122
My thoughts are hurried soon away, 196
My thoughts no comfort find 1095
My thoughts rejoice at Jesus’ name! 18
My thoughts surmount these lower skies, 479
My throat is hoarse and dry 299
My times of sorrow and of joy, 1110
My tongue his mercy shall confess 108
My tongue repeats her vows, 362
My tongue shall triumph in my God, 266
My tongue this truth proclaim. 13
My tongue would bear her part 100
My tongue would bless thy name 122
My tower of safe retreat. 1069
My transport and my trust 138
My treasure is divine 589
My treasure is immense in thee. 740
My treasure is thy precious blood 740
My trust is in his name 114
My trust is in the Lord, 338
My universal emptiness, 904
My vigour from thy root. 939
My vile corruptions, O control 1032
My vile ingratitude I mourn 392
My walk in holy peace 378
My wandering soul among 122
My wandering to and fro 1050
My wants are great and many too 589
My way to Zion to pursue; 620
My weak resistance, ah, how vain! 1051
My weakness, sin, and foolishness. 279
My weapon from my side! 338
My weary soul in him finds rest 108
My weather-beaten bark 1029
My wicked heart has said, 550
My willing soul would stay 357
My wisdom is perfect, supreme is my power 993
My wisdom, wealth, and might are his, 178
My wit and might are his 745
My work I’ll ne’er forsake. 193
My worth is all in Jesus found, 745
My worthless heart to gain, 1050
My wretched leanness I deplore 740
My wretched state to feel 251
Myself can hardly bear 196
Myself I cannot keep 1059
Myself I cannot save 1059
Myself so very weak 314
Mysterious conflict! dark disguise! 153
Mysterious Three-in-One, 517
Mystery of redemption this 116